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Assistant Superintendent Todd testifies at Linden Inquiry

Published on Sep 28, 2012 by 

Assistant Superintendent Todd testifies that he did all of the shooting of the shotguns

As Assistant Superintendent, Patrick Todd, who was in charge of the TSU on the day of the Linden shooting continued on the stand today, he testified that he did all the shooting of the shotguns and throwing of the tear smoke canisters. He said, he never shot at the crowd but shot down to the road so that it could ricochet in the direction of the crowd. When grilled about why he took it upon himself to do all the shooting and throwing of tear gas, he said, he had more trust in himself; that the members of his unit were not experienced enough. Continue reading

AFC on Linden – Nigel Hughes and Moses Nagamootoo – video

AFC on Linden – Nigel Hughes and Moses Nagamootoo – video

The opposition parties are making it clear that the Home Affairs Minister – Clement Rohee – cannot divorce himself from the police force’s action at Linden last week during a protest by residents. The police riot squad in an effort to disperse the protesting crowd fired live rounds at the protestors. Three of them died. Over 20 others were seriously injured. There have been calls for Rohee to resign, he says he is staying put. The opposition will now be moving to the national assembly with a no confidence motion. AFC Executive member, Attorney Nigel Hughes said the Home Affairs Minister should allow his conscience to be his guide and just demit office. Continue reading