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UK woman donates US$500,000 to UWI as ‘Personal Reparation’ for Slavery

By Sashana – BUZZ NEWS – Aug 23, 2021

Bridget Freeman

Bridget Freeman has bequeathed her estate to The UWI

Bridget Freeman was watching a series about the Atlantic slave trade and was appalled at the brutish system. Freeman, who is in her 70s, had lived in the United Kingdom for most of her life. She knew very little about the enslavement of Africans and the impacts it has had on their descendants.

“I was horrified and it touched me and I thought dear God, this is not right” she said.

So, she decided that she wanted to do something now. Freeman has bequeathed her properties worth US$500,000 to The University of the West Indies (UWI), through its Global Giving campaign.            Continue reading

Race, ethnic politics and police violence in Guyana – By David Hinds

Commentary: Race, ethnic politics and police violence in Guyana
Published on March 25, 2014 – By Dr David Hinds
There is major concern over police brutality against African Guyanese since the current executive government came to power. African Guyanese activists have pointed to over 400 African Guyanese, mostly young men, who have died at the hands of the police since 1992. There are strong claims that there was direct state involvement in some of these killings during the period 2002-2006. The recent Colwyn Harding incident has raised these concerns anew. Many have joined the debate. There have been some very useful contributions. The police force has correctly come under severe criticisms. But, sadly, what is missing from the debate is how police brutality is a reflection of our larger ethno-racial problem. Of all the public commentators, only Henry Jeffery and Freddy Kissoon have dared to go there.

Dr David Hinds is a political activist and commentator. He is an Associate Professor of Political Science and Caribbean and African Diaspora Studies in the School of Social Transformation at Arizona State University. 

And yes, we have had and will continue to have an ethno-racial problem. I use the term ethno-racial to mean ethnic groups that relate to each other through the lens of race. To get a proper sense of what we are talking about, a brief history and explanation of race is needed. We often talk about race in Guyana as if it is figment of people’s imagination — false consciousness. But it is not; it is real. Race as biology has been proven to be unreal. But race as social, political, economic and cultural practice is real.

The concept of race was first developed in the USA in the late 1600s as a justification for the rise of plantation slavery. It gave social meaning to skin colour. Blackness came to mean less than human, while whiteness came to mean fully human. The German philosopher, Hegel, said to be human is to be white. Thomas Jefferson would later remark that blacks were inferior in body and mind and do not feel life’s pains as other groups. Other white thinkers concluded that black people could not exist in a state of freedom. Hence it would be dangerous to free them from slavery.Blackness became synonymous with, among other things, backwardness, indolence, shallowness, unreason and laziness. This characterization of blackness as inferior — the white racial frame — found its way into laws and socio-economic and political policies. Over time such laws and polices inevitably begun to shape people’s consciousness about blackness and, by extension, whiteness.

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Book: MY LIFE, MY TIME – by Richard Nichols

Book: MY LIFE, MY TIME – by Richard Nichols

Review by Rura.

An arresting event has graced  the literary world of Guyana.  At the tender age of ninety-one Mr Richard Nichols, published or rather self-published and printed his autobiography, MY LIFE, MY TIME.  It was done in handwriting in a number of notebooks. As he acknowledges, his versatile offspring  with their computer skills took it from there. His locality roots are in the same part of the country as  those  of  “ The World’s Oldest Blogger” Mr Randall Butisingh. Unlike that eminence he had no previous  formal training in writing or teaching literature. The blogger is native of Buxton. The auto biographer is a native of Bachelors’ Adventure, a stone’s throw from Buxton on East  Coast Demerara.

It  is a  book of one hundred and four pages, with 10 pages of  family photographs,  a maternal and a paternal family tree, made by the author. On the front cover is a photograph of the author much as he looks at the time of publication, or at  present. On the back cover is one of him in his working days;  a confident  elder on the front cover and a curious, uncertain worker on the back cover. The book is very reader friendly, with its forty-two short chapters, each captioned with its topic. Even the chapters in which he  tells of his conversion, of meeting  his exceptional wife, Drucilla Pyle in a Pentecostal church community, and celebrates the heaven of their  marriage are kept short.   Continue reading

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