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BREAKING NEWS: Donald Ramotar accepts PM post in coalition government

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Ramotar accepts PM post in coalition government

April 1, 2016 | By | Filed Under News

As we inch closer to the 50th Independence anniversary, in a surprise move President

President David Granger and former President Donald Ramotar.

President David Granger and former President Donald Ramotar.

David Granger announced that former President Donald Ramotar is joining the coalition government.

Now, in a historic move by a sitting President, David Granger has announced that Ramotar has joined the coalition. His joining came after he accepted the office of Prime Minister in a Cabinet to be revamped.

Details have not been released as yet, but are expected to be known within days.  Early indications are that Moses Nagamootoo has agreed to be an associate to the Finance Minister and a Presidential Advisor.

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Georgetown: Chase-Greene tipped to be Mayor, Duncan to be deputy Mayor

Chase-Greene tipped to be Mayor, Duncan to be deputy Mayor

Patricia Chase-Greene

Patricia Chase-Greene

With ongoing talks between the APNU and AFC over the allocation of seats at the Georgetown City Council, two names have been presented from both sides to fill the top spots at the municipality.

APNU’s Patricia Chase Green, former Deputy Mayor has been tipped to occupy the post at the top beating out Oscar Clarke a former councilor and People’s National Congress General Secretary.

AFC’s Sherod Duncan, who has Mayoral ambitions, has been named as the person who will be named Deputy Mayor when the council meets on Friday (April 1, 2016).   Continue reading

Ruling PPP/C warns against budget cuts, as being reckless and irresponsible – video

Ruling PPP/C warns against budget cuts, describes any such action as reckless and irresponsible

April 8, 2013 – Capitol News –

The ruling People’s Progressive Party Civic is warning against cuts to the 2013 Budget and Estimates, describing any such action as reckless and irresponsible.

But at the same time, the opposition is maintaining that they are not constrained to amend any aspects of the estimates. The opposition also said that Parliament continues to enjoy the same powers it had last year, when it slashed allocations to several agencies, despite the CJ’s ruling.

The opposition, both APNU and AFC, threatened to cut what they called, unnecessary allocations to various Ministerial and Governmental agencies.  Continue reading

The Home Affairs Minister and the Linden crisis – Eusi Kwayana letter

The Home Affairs Minister and the Linden crisis – Eusi Kwayana

Dear Editor,

The Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Clement Rohee, loomed large as a figure in the July crisis of 2012 in Linden, Guyana. Three people were killed by gunfire and over 20 others were injured by firearms.

There was outrage at the news. The Government of Guyana told the OAS, “Agreement (i.e., on the electricity tariff increase) was reached on April 19, 2012, and this was announced on the same day in the National Assembly by the Prime Minister with the concurrence of the Leader of the Opposition,. On April 20, 2012, the Leader of the Opposition reneged on the agreement.”   The December 2012 statement of the Government to the  International  Community blamed the  July 18 death and injuries at Linden on people ”inflamed by the Opposition parties.:”\ It seems that APNU agreed in the name of the people without consulting  the people of Region10  and then corrected itself when the people  rejected the high-handed decision.  Continue reading

Documents – commentary on Guyana’s politics

Documents – commentary

 Stabroek staff On December 16, 2012 In Editorial | 

SUMMARY:  Having said that, it must also be observed that whatever the incompetence of the opposition, it is the government alone which has the power to choose a path of dialogue and compromise on key issues, since it is the one in office. At the bottom of all of this is the governing party’s state of denial; its attempts to proceed as it has always done without reference to its minority status; its obsession with the retention of power; and its fear that if it does choose compromise and this works, its constituency will find this an acceptable arrangement and vote accordingly. Psychologically, in other words, it is not looking for solutions. It is just the nation’s tragedy that it is not prepared to take on board what Secretary-General Insulza advised four months ago.

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Opposition’s performance in Parliament disappointing

Opposition’s performance in Parliament disappointing – says Christopher Ram

OCTOBER 10, 2012 |Kaieteur News  – tabled only 1 of 21 bills –

                                   Chartered Accountant Christopher Ram

The performance of the Opposition in the National Assembly is coming under fire, with questions being asked whether it was necessary for a nine-week break. The recess ends today and the Parliament is set to reconvene later this month.

According to financial commentator, Christopher Ram, the work by the Alliance For Change (AFC) and the 10-party coalition A Partnership For National Unity (APNU) during the first session of the 10th Parliament left much to be desired.  Continue reading

Linden Unrest – News Update – July 23, 2012 – 5 articles

Rohee dismisses call for his resignation

July 23, 2012.  KNEWS  — says “My conscience is very clear on this matter…I will not run in a cupboard and hide”.

Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee, has admitted to having a strategy/briefing session with the Commissioner of Police (ag) Leroy Brummel and… […]

Business community hugely affected by protest – PSC

JULY 23, 2012  KNEWS     — access in and out of Linden difficult

The Private Sector Commission (PSC) is calling on relevant parties to have meaningful talks on returning Linden to normalcy, taking into consideration the adverse social and economic impacts the unrest there has on the community and the country as a whole. The protest in the mining town, […]                                               Continue reading

The politics of ‘no’ – commentary

The politics of ‘no’

Stabroek News – June 17, 2012 Editorial |

In an interview with the National Communications Network on Wednesday, President Ramotar let it be known that he would not give his assent to bills passed by the opposition unless the government had had some input into them. The GINA release which conveyed this information also said that the President’s warning had come in response to the prevailing notion of ‘rule-by-motion’ politics in the National Assembly where APNU and the AFC have used their slender majority to defeat the government. “That is not the function of the opposition,” President Ramotar was quoted as saying, “They must respect what is their role… I am making it very clear that I will not assent to any bill that they carry unless it is with the full agreement of the executive and the full involvement of the executive.”

No room for misinterpretation there. Given the government’s record so far during the Tenth Parliament, there is clearly little inclination to work with the opposition on legislation – or at least, to give any ground in that department. As it is, the opposition has been resorting to motions in the National Assembly, but this could hardly be described as “rule-by-motion,” since without it being translated into legislation, it has no statutory force whatsoever. The only thing it does is highlight issues in a parliamentary setting, and embarrass the government.  Continue reading

Budget Day is March 30; no consultations with opposition

Budget Day is March 30; no consultations with opposition

Dr. Ashni Singh

(Demerara Waves) March 21, 2012 – Guyana’s National Budget is to be presented to the 65-National Assembly next week Friday, despite the absence of consultations with the opposition which controls the House.

Prime Minister, Samuel Hinds announced that March 30 has been identified as the day earmarked for the presentation of estimates of revenue and expenditure for 2012.

The Leader of Government Business in the House on Wednesday March 21, made the announcement while seeking an adjournment of the Assembly to next week Friday, March 30, 2012..     Continue reading

Détente and rapprochement or relentless hegemony – Freddie Kissoon

Détente and rapprochement or relentless hegemony


We are at the stalemate stage on the chessboard of politics. It constitutes a fascinating moment in politics since the early 20th century. The PPP won the presidency but the combined opposition has control of the Parliament. Ignorant people who don’t understand the lessons of history will continue to be ignorant.

The PPP acceded to a call from the PNC under Robert Corbin and passed recall legislation that prevents a Parliamentarian from voting with the other side. He/she can be recalled by their party. If that didn’t happen, the PPP could have stolen a few opposition parliamentarians in the new Parliament (to be convened shortly) and would have had a black cheque in Parliament to continue on its path of Jagdeoite hegemony.              Continue reading

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