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CRUCIAL CAMPAIGN MESSAGING NEEDED – By Verian Mentis-Barker – XpressBlogg

MESSAGING IS FAR MORE THAN some folksy, loosely disguised negative references about the Opposition….

By Verian Mentis-Barker – March 16, 2019

In character, it is said, President Granger, in kingly fashion, dispatched letter to a hand-picked group of men, inviting them, no less, to be part of his preparation for a second term in office …. partially derailed by a No Confidence Motion, successfully engineered by the Opposition while the Government, enamoured with the trappings of leadership, stood steadfastly in front of its political mirror.
The whole idea of an invitation to campaign speaks to the aloofness that remains the principal complaint against the President, enabled by a complement of men who nod perpetually in the affirmative …. without offering practical alternatives to practices that are passe.

Letter: Guyana Teacher’s Union vs Government Salary Negotiations – By Harry Hergash

Dear Editor,

It is disheartening to note the Government’s approach to the salaries negotiation with the Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU) which has been ongoing since 2016 and has now  resulted in  a countrywide strike by teachers. Undoubtedly, teaching is one of the most critical jobs in a country. It is one that is very stressful and extremely demanding, requiring many hours of a teacher’s personal time outside of the regular school hours. I believe that the GTU’s  request for a livable wage for teachers is justified and Government’s stalling in resolving this matter seems callous and uncaring.             Continue reading

PPP’s manifest destiny and the death of power-sharing – By Dr. David Hinds

PPP’s manifest destiny and the death of power-sharing

Dr. David Hinds

Dr. David Hinds

Hinds’Sight – By Dr. David Hinds – November 1, 2015

THE strike by GAWU this past week is instructive. It has nothing to do with industrial concerns; it couldn’t. The new government has done everything to assure sugar workers. It has continued to subsidise the ailing industry. It has not treated workers of its own constituency half as nicely, yet GAWU called a strike ostensibly to protest the delay in wage talks. The PPP has made clear its intention to crucify this government, and it intends to use its influence in the sugar and rice industries to fulfil this objective.

For me, this strike is another nail in the coffin of the much-anticipated power-sharing Government of National UnityContinue reading

Statistics and names of ethnic cleansing during the PPP’s reign – By Freddie Kissoon

Statistics and names of ethnic cleansing during the PPP’s reign 


The talk coming out of the mouth of the Indian dominated PPP and its affiliate organizations, particularly the Indian Arrival Committee, now the Indian Action Committee, is that there is ethnic cleansing against East Indians by the APNU-AFC Government. The IAC has latched on to certain dismissals in the public sector.

This same IAC was on another planet when African Guyanese were supplanted in the same public sector and in scholarship awards.  Continue reading

Elections: Some permutations – Freddie Kissoon

Elections:  Some permutations


I doubt whether you will get the final election results by the time you pick up this edition of KN in the morning. You would know from reading my columns that I believe that either APNU or AFC will get the plurality of votes thus winning the presidency but failing to achieve a parliamentary majority.

I would have got it wrong if the PPP wins a plurality. But for me the PPP’s performance these past 19 years is made of the kind of stuff that should bring about electoral devastation. If there is no longer ethnic voting, then in normal circumstances, the PPP should be massively defeated based on the nature of its rule the past nineteen years.          Continue reading