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LOVE AND FIRE – By Norman Datt

LOVE AND FIRE – By Norman Datt
Yesterday I had a good ole time chuckle
To see how some snubbing British buckle
As the Rev. M. Curry dramatically unleash
Some simple come backs to those Briteesh
He expounded what many of them forgot
How strong love with fire if when sought
As an American he should fully well know
For its dividing America today a sad blow

My visit to Cape Town, South Africa – by Lear Matthews

In Memory of Mandela: Impressions of my visit to Cape Town,

South Africa

by   Lear Matthews

Rejoice in the dawn of Pan African light.
Mandela! Mandela! Weep not for Nelson
But sing a thousand hosannas for Madiba
Our sacred Liberator (J.G.Morris)

Lear Matthews

Lear Matthews

I recently visited Cape Town as part of a team project focusing on adult higher education within the context of local and global struggles for equity and social justice, principles espoused by Nelson Mandela.  Following are impressions of this maiden sojourn, the highlight of which was a visit to Robben Island, the notoriously infamous island-prison where Mandela spent more than 17 years.  Continue reading

Nelson Mandela – a giant passes – the long walk is over

Nelson Mandela – The long walk is over

The man who freed South Africa from apartheid died on December 5th, aged 95. We assess his claim to greatness

WHO was the greatest of the statesmen of the 20th century? Discard the mass murderers such as Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong; set aside the autocratic nationalists like Gamal Abdel Nasser and the more admirable but probably less influential anti-communists like Vaclav Havel; then winnow the list to half a dozen names. On it would perhaps be Mohandas Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, Charles de Gaulle, Jack Kennedy and Nelson Mandela. For many people, in many lands, the most inspirational of these would be the last, who died on December 5th, aged 95.   Continue reading

On His 95th Birthday, the Story of Nelson Mandela’s Struggle

July 18, 2013: On His 95th Birthday, the Story of Nelson Mandela’s Struggle —Told Outside His Old Soweto Home

Published on Jul 18, 2013 –http://www.democracynow.org –

As the world marks the 95th birthday of Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first black president and a beloved symbol of the country’s struggle to end apartheid, longtime South African activist Trevor Ngwane takes Democracy Now! on a tour of the township of Soweto. Speaking outside of Mandela’s former home, Ngwane recalls when the ANC leader was first captured, leading to a 27-year imprisonment before his release in 1990. Ngwane was active in the struggle against apartheid that culminated in Mandela’s 1994 election and today remains a leading South African voice for human rights.

Lucky Dube – House of Exile

anglinthemtns  Uploaded Mar 14, 2009:

This song says a lot for the people of S. Africa who have been exploited and oppressed by the British. People say that racism doesn’t happen much anymore and that if the British weren’t in Africa when they were, well, then the Africans would have been killing each other off even more. Whatever the case may be, there are still major issues to be dealt with in S. Africa that the British have walked away from and continue to ignore.   Continue reading