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WORLD: Climate: ‘The Fuse Has Been Blown,’ and The Doomsday Glacier Is Coming for Us All

New data suggests a massive collapse of the ice shelf in as little as five years. “We are dealing with an event that no human has ever witnessed,” says one scientist. “We have no analog for this” 

By JEFF GOODELL | Rolling Stone

One thing that’s hard to grasp about the CLIMATE CRISIS is that big changes can happen fast. In 2019, I was aboard the Nathaniel B. Palmer, a 308-foot-long scientific research vessel, cruising in front of the Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica. One day, we were sailing in clear seas in front of the glacier. The next day, we were surrounded by icebergs the size of aircraft carriers.

As we later learned from satellite images, in a matter of 48 hours or so, a mélange of ice about 21 miles wide and 15 miles deep had cracked up and scattered into the sea.        Continue reading

Seven Climate Records Broken in 2014 Indicates Earth is ‘Gravely Ill’

Seven Climate Records Broken in 2014 Indicates Earth is ‘Gravely Ill’

Global sea level each year since 1993 compared to the 1993* average (dashed line). Graph adapted from Plate 1.1x in State of the Climate in 2014. Image credit: NOAA's State of the Climate report

Global sea level each year since 1993

Anastasia Pantsios, News Report
The 25th annual environmental report is out and there is proof of climate change everywhere. With more than 400 scientists contributing to this report, it is hard for climate deniers to oppose at all.

“Most of the dozens of essential climate variables monitored each year in this report continued to follow their long-term trends in 2014, with several setting new records,” the report said. Continue reading

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