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Major companies pull out of Mash Day float parade

Major companies pull out of Mash Day float parade

FEBRUARY 22, 2014 | BY  |

Mash-paradeA number of large companies that have been fixtures of the annual Mash Day parade will not be around this year. But coordinators downplayed this, yesterday, saying that the show will be as exciting as ever.

Out of the float parade are beer companies, Banks DIH and Ansa McAl.

When questioned on the reason for the withdrawal of the popular Carib Beer contingent, Public Relations Officer of Ansa McAL, Darshanie Yusuf, said that the company will be doing things differently this year.

At least two large companies will not be part of the Mash float parade in the city .  Continue reading

Oxymoronically speaking – Commentary by Freddie Kissoon

Oxymoronically speaking – Commentary by Freddie Kissoon


The people that form the leadership of the Government of Guyana do not deserve to hold the high offices that they do. Their level of thinking brings disrespect and ridicule from society. There are times when the main actors in the PPP Government should shut their mouths and just stay quiet whenever the press or the opposition stumbles upon a depraved policy.
It is downright stupid the way the Guyana Government reacted to the description of its pact with Ansa McAl as a secret. Is there such a thing as a public secret? I guess oxymoronically speaking. How can a document be public when no one knows about it and it has not been released for public scrutiny?
But this is what the Guyana Government has told the nation. It boggles the mind to know that Guyana has these people who are in charge of the administration of the nation’s affairs.
The Guyanese people did not know that their government had entered into an agreement with Ansa McAl to release 110,000 hectares of prime, untouched land in Canje, Berbice for ethanol production. We learnt of this from a Trinidad newspaper. Continue reading

Guyanese Online Newsletter: February 2012

Guyanese Online Newsletter: February 2012

The Guyanese Online monthly newsletters and this Blog are created of Cyril Bryan, as his contribution to the Guyana Diaspora who want to be informed about news from Guyana, as well as the historical and cultural articles that keep us all connected to the “Guyanese cultural experience”.

This issue of 26 pages and 128 items is the largest issue we have created (see list). Here are the major news categories (items in brackets): Mashramani (12); Parliament (16); Governance (26); Georgetown (7); Flood Updates (12); Other News (17) includes the University of Guyana (6); Medical news (9); Guyana organizations (5); Tourism (8); and Caribbean/Regional News (11).

Download:  #23 – Guyanese Online Newsletter – February 2012

 List of Articles in this issue  – 26 pages  – 128 articles

 Page1: Front Page

  2. Land three times the size of Barbados committed to ANSA McAL

Page 2: Guyanese Online

  1. Editorial – Cyril Bryan
  2. Jan 23 – Feb 23 – 30 Most popular entries

Page 3-5 – Mashramani Reports Continue reading

MASH 2012 – Beer giants, Digicel rule the road

MASH 2012 – Beer giants, Digicel rule the road

Kaieteur News—February 24, 2012

  • float parade returns to Berbice after two decades

It took three giants –two into brewing and the other into mobile communications – to infuse much-needed energy to transform the Mashramani parade into a gyrating sea of red, blue, gold and white yesterday.
Thousands braved the threat of rain to line the main parade route and watch the annual costume and float parade that marks the climax of celebrations for the country’s Republic anniversary.

Brewery giants Banks DIH and Ansa McAl under their Banks Beer and Carib Beer brands infused the usual bacchanal that was associated with Mashramani, providing much needed entertainment for those who stood hours upon hours waiting.  Of course, there were those who chose the smarter route of picnicking on the sides of the road. Continue reading

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