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Ramu Comes Home For Christmas – Richard Rupnarain

Ramu Comes Home For Christmas 

by Richard Rupnarain

The song I’ll be Home for Christmas is perhaps the inner longing of most people as the holiday season approaches. For Ramu, a Guyanese living in the Bronx with his Puerto Rican wife whom none of his family members had ever met, it was like a dream come through. After ten years in America, mostly as an illegal alien, he was finally going home for Christmas.

Travel with him and his wife as they journey to Guyana and share in the excitement of his family and friends as they prepare to welcome him home to a traditional Guyanese Christmas. With the kids off to school and the workers already in the factories, offices and cane fields, Plantation Annandale should have been a relatively quiet place at that time of the morning. But not that week! It was ten days to Christmas and everyone, regardless of religious persuasion, was frantically trying to get household chores completed in time for the holidays.   [more …  Ramu comes home for Christmas – Richard Rupnarain]

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