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Guyana: Amerindian Affairs: Aishalton incident – commentary

Amerindian Affairs – Aishalton incident

When those in power suffer from power disease, then the confidantes and employees who surround them will often exhibit arrogance themselves, as if the conceit of their superiors has radiated outwards to touch them too with the scourge of what perhaps should be called power association disease.

Well last week power association disease was on full display, along, it might be added, with a few other unsavoury human traits. On Friday (Dec 5), President Ramotar was in Aishalton in Region Nine, no doubt engaged in an early campaign initiative to ensure that the Amerindian vote would be solid enough to give the ruling party an overall majority when the general elections descend on us. If so, then the PPP’s carefully choreographed encounter did not go quite according to script.  Continue reading

Amerindian Affairs – What the Permanent Secretary said – commentary

What the Permanent Secretary said

Both he and the Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Mrs Pauline Sukhai, who was present when the statements were made in strident language and tones, should be censured and President Ramotar should ask for a full report on the event from all concerned and decide what further steps should be taken to excise this type of bullying behaviour of the First Peoples.

During his presentation, which seemed to be mostly consumed by ensuring that the government was given all the credit for Community Development Projects (CDPs) in Amerindian villages, Mr Dharamlall was recorded as saying in part: “The LCDS [Low Carbon Development Strategy] is the Government of Guyana… the people of Guyana… I don’t want any single one of you to ever again—and I keep saying this over and over—any CSO [Community Support Officer] who says they are working on the UNDP project called the CDP I want you off the CSO project”.   Continue reading

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