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Amaila Project over priced by 40% – says Ram and Gaskin

Amaila Project over priced by 40%

JULY 25, 2013 | BY  |Govt. guaranteeing 82% of monies for 40% stakes

“…no self-respecting executive would take a deal structured similar to the hydro to its Board of Directors for approval”- Gaskin, Ram

Two financial experts have expressed alarm over the structure of the current Amaila Falls hydro electric deal, yesterday warning that there is no guarantee tariffs will not raise once the facility is in operation.
Both Christopher Ram and Ramon Gaskin also questioned the rationale behind the decision to allow the developer, Sithe Global, a 60 per cent stake in the company managing the hydro facility despite Guyana putting up or guaranteeing almost 82 per cent of the funding for the project.   Continue reading

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