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GUYANA: ‘Nothing new from Vice News’ …says Glenn Lall

 …Glenn Lall says Opposition was silent when K/News was exposing corruption

Glenn Lall

Jun 22, 2022 – Kaieteur News – Kaieteur News Publisher, Glenn Lall has criticised opposition and other operatives who have opportunistically latched on to disclosures in a recent Vice News documentary on Guyana, saying that for years his newspaper has shone light on the shadowy deals with the PPP/C Guyana Government and Chinese companies, but the same people who are now speaking up were silent.

The Vice News documentary titled: “Guyana for Sale” which premiered on Sunday has as its main character, Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo. His Chinese tenant and “friend” businessman, Su Zhi Rong is heard in the interview accusing Jagdeo of allegedly accepting bribes for large developmental projects undertaken in the country. Jagdeo has denied the allegations and has since signalled that he will take legal action against the Chinese businessman and also promised to evict him from his property.      Continue reading

Red flags over Amaila Falls Hydro project and China Railway First Group

Red flags over Amaila and China First Railway are catalysts for a change in govt.

February 28, 2015 | By |Letter by Emile Mervin
Amaila Falls Hydro Dam

Amaila Falls Hydro Dam

Your Friday, February 27 lead article, “Controversial Amaila Falls hydro…Govt. stands behind Chinese contractor – says IDB has safeguards,” should be the catalyst for voters to send the PPP packing May 11.

I have not known of any project that has captured, with growing consternation, the attention of a nation because of its sheer enormity in size and price, yet not many are convinced it will benefit the nation.

It seems as though this project is about the PPP being determined to score political points, perhaps lining some politicians’ pockets, and not about the people of Guyana, despite pleas and concerns by others for a delay in pursuit of the project to ensure it has been thoroughly reviewed by important stakeholders.   Continue reading

Concerns about Hydro projects in the Mazaruni District

Hi Cyril,

You might have seen the press coming out of Guyana today that the government is going ahead, with the help of Brazil. with a US$45M study for the development of hydro power in the Upper and Middle Mazaruni Regions in Essequibo.
e.g. see Alva Solomon’s story in Demerara Waves:

US$45M to study Mazaruni hydropower potential

The government officials went to a few Amerindian settlements over the last week and told them that two schemes will be developed – one in the Upper Mazaruni and another in the Middle Mazaruni, and that their villages and land will not be flooded as the new technology reduces the size of reservoirs by 90%. Apparently they feel that that was enough ‘consultation’ necessary to satisfy international requirements of ‘free, prior and informed consent’.

There are very few reports available in the public domain. Survival International had done some research around the Amaila Falls Hydro and had looked at all information gleaned about possible Mazaruni Potaro hydro that may affect the Akawaio, Patamona and Arecuna people.

http://assets.survivalinternational.org/documents/1113/book-fpic-oct-2.pdf  (see FOREWORD and PDF link to this report below)

I don’t know if there are any lawyers, environmentalists or hydro-power engineers in the Diaspora who may want to weigh in and give the residents and all citizens of Guyana some advice.


 Anne Harewood

Continue reading

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