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EUROPE: Can Europeans live without Russian gas? | Inside Story – Video

EUROPE: Can Europeans live without Russian gas? | Inside Story – Video by Al Jazeera

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The crisis between Russia and Europe, sparked by the war in Ukraine – has taken yet another turn. This time Moscow has delivered on its promise to halt gas supplies to Bulgaria and Poland for not paying in Roubles, Russia’s currency. Though the action had been feared by some in the European Union, many had already predicted it. Member states are now working to find alternative long-term supplies. But what are these alternatives?                 Continue reading

AL JAZEERA JUMPS IN – by Dave Martins

Dave Martins

Dave Martins

AL JAZEERA JUMPS IN – by Dave Martins

Coincidences can be an intriguing part of life. For the past two weeks, for example, I had been in a back-and-forth with a publisher, Desmond Roberts, of the Guyana Diaspora Times magazine, produced electronically in New York. He had asked me to consider doing a story about the origins of the song “Not A Blade O’ Grass” that I wrote some 40 years ago and on the history of it since. I have written about this before, in this newspaper and elsewhere, and felt I had covered the subject. I thought the case was closed.

And then, a few days ago, I picked up the phone at home one day, and out of the blue, Dennis Chabrol, of Demerara Waves, another publisher, was on the line telling me that Al Jazeera was coming to Guyana and wanted to interview me. The trigger, of course, was the Venezuela/Guyana border controversy, again in the news. Doing research on the story prior to coming here to cover it, Virginia Lopez, who represents Al Jazeera in Venezuela, had run into the “Not A Blade O’ Grass” story and wanted to include it.  Continue reading

India confronts its white-skin obsession – Freddie Kissoon

Sex and skin colour: India confronts its white-skin obsession

October 13, 2013 | BY  |  FREDDIE KISSOON

The popular, international television channel, Al Jazeera, has done what no other network ever contemplated doing. It featured a documentary exposing the insane obsession India has with whiter skin, not light hue but white complexion. For those interested in its content, please go to the online edition of Al Jazeera and do the search. It is simply incredible that the world’s best media in every aspect, be it news reporting, documentary, investigative journalism has not touched on this infamy in India.

I am referring to the BBC. The thing is now wide open, thanks to Al Jazeera. The documentary is revealing in that though it was known throughout the world the white skin thing exists in India due to its film industry, what was not know was the extent to which India has become obsessed with this cultural hedonism, philosophical nihilism and colonial sickness.   Continue reading

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