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Testing Times With A Favourite Airline – Hubert Williams

Testing  Times  With A  Favourite  Airline

By  Hubert  Williams

Boston, Massachusetts — More than half a century ago, the then Editor of the “Guiana Graphic” newspaper, Alfred H. Thorne, uniquely used the likely unreliability of a trusted riverboat to determine the fate of a reporter who had committed a serious error in an article published that day.

Mr. Thorne, a demonstrably loyal subject of the British Empire, was a great admirer of the then young monarch Elizabeth 11 and the Royal Family. He was therefore livid when his newspaper, most popular in the colony of British Guiana, published a complimentary report on the Queen’s younger sister, but said “Her Majesty Princess Margaret” (it should have been Her Royal Highness).

So far as Mr. Thorne was concerned, heads would roll that day: those of the reporter who wrote the text, and the senior staffer who edited it, applied a headline, and positioned the story on a page for publication.   Continue reading

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