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Strip Harmon’s powers, enforce code of conduct for Govt. officials – AFC

Strip Harmon’s powers, enforce code of conduct for Govt. officials – AFC

APRIL 11, 2016 | BY | (Abena Rockcliffe-Campbell)

The Alliance For Change (AFC) says that too many responsibilities have been placed in the hands of Minister of State, Joseph Harmon. The Party thinks that this is the root of many problems in the coalition government which it is a part of.

In a statement issued last evening, AFC revealed that key leaders met yesterday on a retreat which is part of an ongoing effort to review the party’s performance. At that forum, the politicians also discussed a number of issues of concern to the Party. The AFC also reviewed and considered internal matters with regard to the party’s operations and structure along with its role as part of the Coalition Government of Guyana.

“Among the matters discussed at the retreat was the issue of the appointment of a Ministerial Advisor on Business Development by the Minister of State and other revelations in the public domain.”   Continue reading

AFC calls for mass street protests against corruption…

AFC calls for mass street protests


AFC Chairman Nigel Hughes

Call made by  the AFC Chairman Nigel Hughes, at a public meeting at the corner of William & Alexander Streets, Kitty on Friday July 12, 2013.

The Alliance For Change (AFC) is calling for mass street protests to oust the Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) administration from power.

AFC Chairman Nigel Hughes punctuated his entire speech at a public meeting in Kitty, Georgetown with appeals for agitation against ills such as corruption and bad governance.    Continue reading

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