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“A Lonely Voice” – Book of 50 Poems by Naraine Datt

“A Lonely Voice” – 50 Poems by Naraine Datt

Naraine Datt bookThe subjects of Mr. Datt’s poems reflects wide international interests and attitudes, and has enough interest for a wide range of readers. His scope of his subjects includes everything from the nuclear holocaust to domestic issues between man and wife. He expressed liberal sympathies taking up the cause of victimized people whether they are aboriginal Canadians, South African Blacks or Rodney King.   – Professor Birbalsingh from York University.

By combining poignant moments of boyhood experiences, realistic details concerning issues which many of us face his poetry employs richly evocative language and universal themes; social and cultural issues such as racism, welfare and the women’s movement and its impact upon society and world politics. Naraine offers a thought provoking and intriguing examination of one man’s life and his personal growth process.  Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc. Pittsburgh. PA.  

Download 10 of the poems here: 10 of 50 POEMS BY NARAINE DATT