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The Fortunes of Bauxite – Part 4B – A Trumpet fit for a King


By Dmitri Allicock  – for Guyanese Online

When Bauxite was king, the horn was a part of your natural neurological response.

The blowing of the horn at the power house occurred at 5.30 am to wake the mines workers. Buses and train ran trips in every direction taking workers. The 6.50am horn was to alert you to be at the North or South gate. Then the 7.00am horn would let you know that workers should be at their stations in the plant. There was the 11.00 am horn for lunch or breakfast which is a confusing mixed up of meals that have historical past. The 1220 pm horn was to alert the workers that they should be close to their stations before the 12.30 pm horn announced the back to work rhythm. The wonderful 4.30 pm horn was that the day shift was heading home.   Continue reading

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