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APNU+AFC campaign launches Election Campaign 2020

— Will tackle Constitutional reform and target no-confidence motion provision- Granger

President David Granger and other top coalition supporters and executive members on stage at D’urban Park during the launch of the 2020 general elections campaign,

A Partnership for National Unity+Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) presidential candidate, David Granger on Friday night disclosed that constitutional reform would seek to alter the no-confidence motion provisions that the opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) invoked one year ago.“We are going to reform the constitution so that that nonsense they tried for us in the last twelve months doesn’t happen again,” he told thousands of supporters who were mobilised from across the country to attend the event at D’urban Park, Georgetown.

Certain provisions of Guyana’s constitution, however, require two-thirds support of the 65-member National Assembly.  Continue reading

Guyana Politics: APNU+AFC seeks to link US State Department official to PPP image makeover firm

 in Demerara Waves – December 9, 2019

Photo: Research Professor of Latin American Studies at the United States War College Strategic Studies Institute, Dr. Evan Ellis

The governing coalition of A Partnership for National Unity+Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) Monday night slammed a United States (US) State Department Advisor on Latin America and Caribbean Affairs, Dr. Robert Ellis for predicting a “likely” People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) victory at the next elections, by seeking to link him to a company that is helping to clean up that party’s image.

“We also wish to advise the Guyanese public that Mr. Ellis is a ‘known asset’ of a certain lobbying firm in Washington DC, USA. This firm has a known connections [sic] to the PPP. The Guyanese public is aware that this very firm is being paid tens of millions of dollars by the PPP and is tasked with whitewashing that party’s tainted and tattered image,” the coalition said.      Continue reading

Guyana Politics: Liberty and Justice Party votes against coalescing + talks about Oil and Communities

– Shuman says third force needed

Lenox Shuman (standing) speaking at yesterday’s press conference
Lenox Shuman speaking at press conference

The Liberty and Justice Party (LJP)  has decided against joining with another party at the moment as it believes it is in the nation’s interest to have a “balancing” third force, according to Chairman and presidential candidate Lenox Shuman.        Continue reading

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