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GUYANA: Brickdam Police Station Destroyed By Fire – Detailed Information – 2 Videos

Fire Completely Destroys Brickdam Police Complex SPECIAL REPORT

NEWS SOURCE GUYANA – October 2, 2021

—— Second Video Below              Continue reading

TRINIDAD: Corruption, Pollution and Economic Crisis: The Cautionary Tale of The Oil Industry

By August 23, 2021

By Alexander Ramdass (Legal Officer), Lisa Premchand (Programme Director) and Gary Aboud (Corporate Secretary) For Fishermen and Friends of the Sea.

Trinidad and Tobago (T&T), once proud, hopeful, and wealthy, is today left with nothing but a beleaguered Treasury and toxic crude poisoning our waters and food system.

From Sir Walter Raleigh stumbling upon the Pitch Lake in La Brea in 1595, to businessmen Randolph Rust and John Lee Lum successfully establishing the first commercial oil well in T&T in 1902, we have built a legacy that has transformed the once richest biodiverse waters in the Americas to a marine desert filled with toxic waste.  The curse of coveted oil wealth has encouraged corruption, squandermania and mismanagement resulting in trade imbalances, weakened institutions, and a legacy of undervalued royalties shrouded in contract secrecy.       Continue reading

Moray House Trust: Kala Pani: migration to and indenture in British Guiana – May 5, 2021

Title:               Kala Pani: migration to and indenture in British Guiana
Date:              Wednesday 5th May 2021
Time:              5PM Guyana, New York, Toronto, 10PM UK
YouTube:      https://youtu.be/U17dAhiGLu0
In order to commemorate Arrival Day on 5th May 2021, Moray House Trust has curated and produced a video recording of readings, poems and illustrations about migration to and indenture in British Guiana. The readings are drawn from three sources; a historian of indenture and two that are effectively eye-witness accounts from about 1870.
Here is the link to our short film (45 minutes).
It will be available for viewing from 5PM on Wednesday 5th May 2021.
Please share and enjoy: https://youtu.be/U17dAhiGLu0

US President Joe Biden sends 51st Republic Day Congratulations to Guyana

US President Joe Biden today said he looks forward to working with Guyana on addressing security concerns that threaten the “shared interest” of the two countries.

In a message to President Irfaan Ali to mark Guyana’s 51st anniversary as a republic, Biden also expressed the desire for a stronger relationship founded on “shared principles of good governance, prosperity, and security”.          Continue reading
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