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USA Elections – “Meet The Canada Party” – satirical video

“Meet The Canada Party” as it enters the U.S. Presidential race

Global News : Friday, January 06, 2012

The crowded 2012 Presidential race is getting a little more crowded, as a group from north of the border attempts to join the race.   The following video has now gone viral as it is quite funny.

The group, The Canada Party, released a satirical video (that has quickly gone viral) announcing their intention to run Canada for President of the United States.
The video is designed as a satirical take on the regular campaign advertisement featuring a candidate championing their successes and policies.

The video begins with “O Canada” playing in the background and a man sitting in front of a fire. He begins by saying “Hello America, It’s us, Canada. You know, the country you pretend to be when travelling.”

“We humbly launch our new political party for the 2012 U.S. election.”      See the video below.

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