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Linden begins `shutdown’ over proposed tariff hike – protests

Linden begins `shutdown’ over proposed tariff hike, large crowd protests

Stabroek News –Cathy Richards On April 18, 20 12Comments

Protestors at Wismar Mackenzie bridge

Lindeners in large numbers are today showing solidarity with the movement against the proposed increase of electricity tariffs for the mining town as announced by Minister of Finance Ashni Singh during the reading of the 2012 National Budget.

The government’s position on the increase was further solidified by Prime Minister Samuel Hinds during his presentation on the budget speech and this gave rise to residents of the community taking to the streets in protest.

Today is considered a “shutdown”  ..  [read complete article here ….>>   [Linden protests]

AFC lays down conditions for budget support

AFC lays down conditions for budget support

April 10, 2012 (Demerara Waves)

The Alliance For Change (AFC) on Tuesday- day one of debate on the 2012 National Budget- pledged support for the fiscal package if there are spending cuts outside the social sector.

Addressing the 65-seat National Assembly, said “our support is assured once the Budget meets the threshold of distributive justice, balance and equity.”

With the combined opposition of the AFC and A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) holding a one-seat majority in the House, the former ruling party executive member announced that his party would be pushing for government to make the budget broadly acceptable and beneficial to Guyanese.

“We are in this thing together, and invite this Government to get the numbers right. If we have to fix this country, the job begins now with making this a people’s budget,” he said.       Continue reading