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Report: Wismar, Christianburg, Mackenzie Disturbances -1964

Editor’s Note:  This is the official report on this subject as commissioned by the Governor of  British Guiana in September 1964.  Most Guyanese alive today were too young or not born in 1964, so they may be  influenced by words like “massacre” and “holocaust” that are used by many commentators when discussing this unfortunate subject.  The great loss of life here was the sinking of the Sun Chapman with a bomb, where 38 persons of African descent perished.

These words should not be used for this event  – a massacre is when hundreds of people are killed, a holocaust is the systematic killing of thousands and even millions as occurred in Nazi Germany. As Guyanese, we should seek to heal the wounds inflicted on us by past generations.  We have to seek the truth and try to report “true history” and not continue instilling fear by embellishing and twisting facts.  Lies, often repeated, become “facts”.  Be aware!

This report should clarify the historical details of the unfortunate loss of life, injuries to innocent people, and the extensive loss of property.


Chapter 1 – Statement of the Proceedings of the Commission
Chapter 2 – Recent Disturbances at Wismar, Christianburg and Mackenzie
Chapter 3 – Conduct of the Security Forces
Chapter 4 – Account of Number of Deaths, Extent of Injuries, Loss and Damage
Chapter 5 – Conclusions and Acknowledgements

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