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OPINION: 18 Years After 9/11: We Face a New International Terrorist Threat

18 Years After 9/11, We Face a New International Terrorist Threat

Joshua Geltzer | Just Security

Eighteen years ago, Americans woke up to the dire international terrorist threat facing our nation. The tragic 9/11 attacks were swiftly attributed to al-Qa’ida, and in turn it immediately became clear that international terrorism — in particular, jihadist international terrorism — posed a major national security threat to Americans, even in the homeland.

Now, eighteen years later, Americans face a new international terrorist threat. But, unlike in the aftermath of 9/11, we have yet to recognize it as such. Doing so — quickly and explicitly — is essential to improving and accelerating the response of our government and our technology sector to the dangers we face from the growing international white supremacist terrorist threat.          Continue reading

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