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Guyanese Patriots with a Passion for Progress — by Francis Quamina Farrier

— by Francis Quamina Farrier

While there are those Guyanese who say openly that they have given up on the country of their birth, there are those who not only “Talk the talk” but certainly “Walk the Walk” in a very positive way. So when last have you walked along the Main Street Avenue in downtown Georgetown and observed the renaissance taking place? There are citizens who are working diligently to make it more and more as pleasant a walk as possible for citizens and tourists as well.

One such citizen is businessman Stanley Ming. “The avenue along Main Street between Middle and New Market Streets, west of the President’s official residence, has become a very popular venue for photography during the year-round celebrations of weddings, anniversaries and special occasions.” noted Stanley Ming, the General Manager of Mings Products and Services Limited.        Continue reading

Local authority tax compliance should be mandatory for business transactions – City Mayor

City Mayor Ubraj Narine.

Jan 10, 2021  – Kaieteur News – City Mayor, Ubraj Narine, has proposed making local authority tax compliance for business transactions as part of efforts to curtail the issue with businesses defaulting on payment of rates and taxes.

During a press briefing at City Hall on Friday, Narine explained that the proposal is to help give the various Councils some sort of authority and leverage to collect their dues. He noted that the problem with rates and tax collection is a universal one in the various local authority districts. The issue has resulted in the municipality losing billions in revenue.    Continue reading

COVID-19: ‘I’m not an anti-vaxxer, but…’ US health workers’ vaccine hesitancy raises alarm

The Guardian – January 10, 2021

With up to 40% of frontline workers in LA county refusing Covid-19 inoculation experts warn that understanding and persuasion are needed.

Susan, a critical care nurse based in Alaska, has been exposed to Covid-19 multiple times and has watched scores of people die from the illness. But she did not want to get the vaccination when she learned it would soon be available.          Continue reading

Guyana Tourism: HOTSPOTS – A Magazine featuring Guyana’s Tourism

HOTSPOTS – A Magazine featuring Guyana’s Tourism   


This is the second issue of the Regional Tourism publication. Emerging almost out of the belly of the pandemic it reaffirms the resilience of
the Regional Tourism Committees in their determination to place the tourism sector on a path to full recovery.
Editor-in-Chief: Donald Sinclair
Associate Editor: Cordell McClure
Publishers: Fox Media and Consulting           VIEW  MAGAZINE  BELOW            

Continue reading

GUYANA: GDF and US Coast Guard joint operations commence

Scenes from yesterday’s Joint patrol by the GDF and US Coast Guard in Guyana’s waters.

Kaieteur News – The Guyana Defence Force (GDF) and the United States of America (USA) Coast Guard, yesterday began day one of their first joint operation in Guyana’s waters. The joint patrol is aimed at combating illegal fishing activities in local waters.          Continue reading



What happened when an island with few infections let its guard down


Barracuda, blue marlin and red snapper were for sale before Christmas at Millie Ifill fish market, but only to those who observed pandemic protocol: “No Mask No Service”, said a large sign. Local discipline and tests on travellers kept COVID-19 cases in Barbados to a trickle. After a lockdown, bars and boutiques were doing brisk business. Reservations at restaurants such as the Fish Pot at Little Good Harbour were becoming hard to get. Locals said the island was in its own little bubble.        Continue reading

OPINION: National potential with less talking and more delivering – By GHK Lall

— no harrowing road accidents or domestic deaths

Kaieteur News – I am encouraged as I read of the many expectations of my fellow Guyanese for 2021. Because the editorials, letter columns, even a newspaper article or two, all had much to say about the many things that happened last year – a very troubling one, at times – there is little that I want to add to the cascade.

Since it was a demanding 2020 for me, the less shared about that ill-fated year, the better I can look ahead. The New Year has all the potential to be a different kind of year, one never seen or experienced here before.      Continue reading

US POLITICS: Twitter bans President Trump permanently

Trump at Georgia address

GUYANA: Venezuelan Maduro vows to “reconquer” Essequibo; makes new presidential decree

Venezuela- President Nicolas Maduro

OPINION: A Different Christmas Gift for All – By Dave Martins

Several years ago I played at the funeral of a St Lucian friend who had died after a tough two-year battle with cancer. His name was Bobby Clarke and our friendship began in the early 1970s when Tradewinds were playing all over the Caribbean and came to make the first of many appearances in St Lucia.

During my time in music, I have met, literally, hundreds of people, but only a few have become special. Bobby Clarke was one of those.  In the 35 years after we met, I don’t think any two-month period passed without our talking to each other or visiting each other. I had even played with Tradewinds, as friends, at Bobby’s wedding in St Lucia. The bond between us never weakened. We told each other everything. We had become brothers.              Continue reading