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Music Videos: Caribbean Christmas Reggae Party – 2 videos



Guyana: ” Small days is still on my mind; Small days is a good good time”- By Geoff Burrowes

Small Days: Guyanese Folk Song  

Video: Guyanese Artist Marlon Jardine ” The King of Folk ” sings Folk Songs of Guyana. Former Musical Director/Bass Guitarist of “The Yoruba Singers” M.S. (Band)

— By Geoff Burrowes

I was born 77 years ago in a quaint British colony on the Northern Atlantic coast of the South American continent. Since it was British we were the only English speaking country in South America. As a colony, all of the important decisions regarding our welfare and administration were made in London and dictated to us through a colonial administration, headed by a governor, who was therefore the big sahib in British Guiana (BG). Continue reading

Music Lyrics on the shelf – By Dave Martins + 3 videos

It cannot be news to anyone who pays attention to our various news media that a column on one topic can trigger, and will trigger, topics for another column.  Just in the past weeks, for instance, after a column I wrote offering some suggestions for young writers of popular music, I heard from three readers who were pleased with my discussing the musical ingredients in Caribbean songs but chided me for not treating the lyrical side of the compositions appearing on our popular music charts in recent years.

In writing that earlier column, I had taken care not to overload the potential songwriters, to whom it was aimed, with too much detail at once, but in retrospect I consider the criticism to be fair.  Furthermore, one of the readers, my long-time friend Vic Fernandes, a radio guru in his home country of Barbados, is someone I consider as being very au fait with the music business in the Caribbean, so I’m giving some space this week to what I should have included in the previous column.      Continue reading

Profile- Guyana-born Cliff Joseph Unites The Community – By Dr. Dhanpaul + Music Video

 – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

He was an ordinary man with a guitar and a cowboy hat. He was born in humble circumstances, the sixteenth of seventeen children. But he did not allow his surroundings to dictate his life. Instead, he rose above his station and brought joy and entertainment to thousands.

When he died the outpouring of emotions was unmistakable. His fans traveled from far and wide, from the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens and Toronto and Grenada and Jamaica and they all had one message: Cliff Joseph was a legend. We were lucky to have him. We would not see the likes of him anytime soon again.            Continue reading

Guyana: ‘Sharing’ Mt. Roraima’s unique geology and allure + Music video

To whom does Mount Roraima belong?

During my school days, we sang with unquestionable zeal, “Born in the land of the mighty Roraima…” It was ours! It came as a shock to later discover that we shared this ‘national’ icon with Venezuela and Brazil. And even later, the knowledge that our touted Pakaraimas were likewise communal, and our rainforest inseparable from the Amazon’s.

Mount Roraima (Photo credit:

Nations and governments claim, quarrel and fight over land as if they have made and shaped it. Historically, people settled and developed unclaimed lands, and in doing so, made use of natural phenomena like rivers, lakes, and mountains; even oceans and deserts, to establish boundaries.

It seemed the proper and practical thing to do. But since nature cares nothing for human deliberations, landforms in their own esteem remain the property and patrimony of Mother Earth.    Continue reading

Dance Music Video: “Born to be alive” – vintage dance compilation from movies

Dance Video: Born to be alive – vintage dance compilation


Lord Kitchener – ONE OF THE MASTERS – By Dave Martins + Music Videos

ONE OF THE MASTERS – By Dave Martins

It could well be that my time as a musician has left me prejudiced, but I have long felt that there are striking examples of creative genius about in the musical world that we glide by without noticing or appreciating what is sitting right there before us until some circumstance or occasion brings the condition clearly into focus.

Just in these past two months, for example, I have been jolted (and that’s not too strong a word) by some examples that came to me in diverse ways but each making the point of these wondrous instances of music mastery, unfortunately almost forced into the background by the sheer volume of music that comes at us these days in so many forms.          Continue reading

A NEW AWARD – THE STALWARTS – By Dave Martins + video

Now and then, in the day-to-day, you will find yourself engrossed in something when an idea for something quite different comes to your mind like a light turning on.  Just this week, for example, I found myself caught up watching an absorbing online post from Maya Trotz of a speech by Brian Meeks in which he dealt with the intricacies of the Grenada Revolution in the time of Maurice Bishop.

For those who may not be familiar with his work, BrianMeeks is a Caribbean poet and academic from Jamaica.  He is Professor of Africana Studies and Chair of the Africana Studies/Rites and Reason Theatre Department at Brown University, and while I was aware of his reputation this was the first time I heard him speak, and I was entranced.    Continue reading

Video: Ventriloquist Megan Piphus Performs “I Will Always Love You” | Apollo Showtime

Video: Ventriloquist Megan Piphus Performs “I Will Always Love You” | Apollo Showtime

Megan Piphus – Published on Jul 24, 2018
My performance of You Don’t Own Me & I Will Always Love You on FOX’s Showtime at the Apollo


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Politics: Cyril Ramaphosa is South Africa’s new president – Reforms are required

Thanks Waltie for this post.
Love your music selection… re Eddy Grant

  • Eddy Grant – Hello Africa (Live in London ’86.)
  • Eddy Grant – Gimme Hope Jo’Anna (Live at Nelson Mandela Concert)



Cyril Ramaphosa

By Jason Burke – The Guardian UK – 26 May 2019

Voters are looking for the newly inaugurated president to take on networks of graft now they have given him a new mandate

In his long career as an activist, businessman and politician, Cyril Ramaphosa, South Africa’s president, has overcome many challenges. But few have been as daunting as those he will face when he sits down in his office in Pretoria.

The first is to consolidate his own position. Despite his electoral win this month, and Saturday’s spectacular inauguration, the 66-year-old is politically weaker than he looks. The African National Congress is deeply divided. Many opposed Ramaphosa’s successful bid for power at an ANC conference in December 2017. Some believe he is too “pro-business” to take radical measures to redistribute wealth in one of the most unequal countries in the world and too close to…

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