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Maracaibo – Venezuelan El Dorado Hits Rock Bottom – By Katrin Kuntz | Der Spiegel

Venezuela: Click to Enlarge

Maracaibo used to be the Dallas of Venezuela; its wealth fueled by oil. But today, residents are fighting for survival and the city is experiencing an exodus. The collapse of Maracaibo is emblematic of what may lie in store for the country at large.

Katrin Kuntz | Der Spiegel International

The day on which residents of Maracaibo destroyed their own city out of sheer desperation began relatively normally, considering the circumstances. It was March 10, 2019, and for the preceding three days, the power had been out across almost the entire country. Fernel Ricardo, a resident of Maracaibo, the second-largest city in Venezuela, remembers how his city took one ste p closer to the abyss that day.            Continue reading

BARBADOS: Eddy Grant calls for calypso college

Eddy Grant

Eddy Grant

      (Barbados Nation) Music producer Eddy Grant believes there should be a calypso college in Barbados.

“I have begged the Government to teach calypso in schools. If you can teach British history, why can’t you know your own? Why can’t you learn how to sing your own?

“You have got the best calypso writer, singer, performer that there has been in the Caribbean since Sparrow in Gabby, and he [Sparrow] said it. He acknowledged that Gabby is second to him,” said the owner of Bayley’s Plantation, where General Bussa staged the slave rebellion in 1816.  Continue reading

Hurricane Dorian: Scale of Bahamas devastation emerges – BBC News

A before and after image showing destruction in the Marsh Harbour

Lia Head-Rigby, who runs a relief group and overflew the Abacos, said her representatives had told her there were “a lot more dead”.

“It’s total devastation. It’s decimated. Apocalyptic,” she told the Associated Press news agency.


BCOCCA: Caribbean Annual Cultural Expo: Burnaby. BC- September 28, 2019

          Download: BCOCCA 2019 EXPO FLYER

CRICKET: England’s Ben Stokes vs Australia: “… from the Realms of Fantasy”


It was the Third Test of the current Ashes series between England and Australia, and with the hosts trailing 1 – 0, defeat would have provided the visitors with an unassailable 2 – 0 lead in the five match series and retention of the Ashes.  When England were dismissed for 67 on the second day, failing to build on the spark initiated by newcomer Jofra Archer’s first innings six wicket haul, the writing was on the wall and the inquisition into the future tenure of Joe Root’s captaincy commenced.        Continue reading

Cruise-line companies are building private Caribbean play zones – The Economist

Island shopping-  A trip to Haiti, with Vodou and no passport control

Island Shopping

| LABADIE – The Economist


This is Labadee, a beach run by Royal Caribbean. Its name is a riff on Labadie, the name of the typically poor Haitian village next door. Though the resort is actually on the second-largest island in the Caribbean, the cruise giant markets it as a “private destination”. And in a sense they are not entirely wrong.            Continue reading

Call for unity at Rockaways carnival – By Tangerine Clarke

BY TANGERINE CLARKE – August 20, 2019 – Caribbean Life News

The 3rd Annual Caribbean Carnival in the Rockaways, hosted by Senator James Sanders Jr., and the Rockaway Development and Revitalization Corporation, revved up the carnival season, last Saturday, with a spectacular presentation to showcase the radiant diversity in the cape.

The compact parade with decorated floats and revelers in exotic costumes, made a loud noise through the town that is home to a large Caribbean population.


Glasgow University’s ‘bold’ move to pay back slave trade profits – BBC News

Engraving of black slaves on shipImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES

The University of Glasgow has agreed to spend £20m in reparations after finding out it benefited by tens of millions of pounds from the slave trade.

Glasgow is believed to be the first institution in the UK to implement such a scheme.

The money will be raised and spent over the next 20 years on setting up and running the Glasgow-Caribbean Centre for Development Research.

It will be managed in partnership with the University of the West Indies.


Dogs are definitely not dumb – By Dave Martins

Persons who know me well, or read this column, will know of my admiration and affection for dogs, particularly in the years when I lived in the Cayman Islands on two acres of land in the countryside, with several dogs in the family.  Living again in Guyana, and remarried, I have spoken before of the dogs Annette and I have here and how important they are in our lives.

Against that background, I was quite shocked this week to see someone blatantly posting a note on Face-book saying succinctly “Dogs are dumb.”  My initial thought was to reply to the person, but I realised that would take considerably more space than a FB reply allows, so I’m going this route instead.        Continue reading

OIL: Tullow to shift operations from Trinidad after striking oil in Guyana

Following its recent discovery of oil in commercial quantities offshore Guyana, the United Kingdom-headquartered Tullow Oil will shift operations from its Trinidad base to local shores and plans for its first shore base here are in the pipeline.

“We don’t have a local shore base at the moment. [We] were running things from Trinidad but the plan is to use a shore base in Guyana in 2020,” Tullow’s Head of Communications George Cazenove told Stabroek News last week. He added that the location of the local facility “has not yet been decided.”            Continue reading

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