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GUYANA – Climbing the Kanuku Mountains – Video

GUYANA – Climbing the Kanuku Mountains – Video

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USA: A Nation Of Enemies Cannot Stand – By: LUCIAN K. TRUSCOTT IV

Donald Trump -MAGA

A Nation Of Enemies Cannot Stand – LUCIAN K. TRUSCOTT IV

      Something big is going to have to happen in the USA if we stand any chance at all of dealing with the enormous, even planet-threatening challenges that face us.  I thought of this over the weekend as news emerged from the limping-along CPAC convention in Baltimore that Trump had gone beyond his usual them-and-us rhetoric he has spewed at his campaign rallies and most recently in his announcement that he’s running for president.

Speaking to a room filled with MAGA hat wearing fans and booths at the edges selling all things Trump right down to and including a gold-plated bracelet comprised of the letters of his name, the former president used war-like rhetoric to make his appeal.      Continue reading

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