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HEALTH: What older adults need to ask before surgery

For some older patients, being prepared is especially crucial.

Doctor talking to her male senior patient at office

Before undertaking surgery, here’s what experts recommend you ask.
Larry McMahon, who turned 80 in December, is weighing whether to undergo a major surgery. Over the past five years, his back pain has intensified. Physical therapy, muscle relaxants, and injections aren’t offering relief.

“It’s a pain that leaves me hardly able to do anything,” he said.

Should McMahon, a retired Virginia state trooper who now lives in Southport, North Carolina, try spinal fusion surgery, a procedure that can take up to six hours? (Eight years ago, he had a lumbar laminectomy, another arduous back surgery.)                Continue reading

COMEDY: Movie stars dancing to…’I’m So Excited!’ – Video

Movie stars dancing to…’I’m So Excited!’

COMEDY: Movie stars dancing to…’I’m So Excited!’ – Video

The person who created this video is an absolute master. With the use of over 80 movies, the editing genius of the dancing to the music is amazing.

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