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GUYANA: Georgetown and Silica City – Commentary

By January 29, 2023

Our own Georgetown was both a planned city and grew haphazardly. It was planned in the sense that in 1781 the British selected the site for a town, building a fort somewhere near the museum – although no one is sure exactly where it was − and deciding that the seat of government would be on the strip of land which ran south from the Brandwagt or Dutch signal station, around where Stabroek Market now stands.        Continue reading


Posted by Ralph Ramkarran January 28, 2023- Conversatin Tree Blog

There is no dispute that much poverty still exists in Guyana. Its existence and alleged absence of solutions to relieve it were among the highlights of the Budget Debate last week, uninspiring as many of the speeches were.

The United Nations has more experience than any other international agency in the study, measurement and eradication of poverty. It has embarked on the Third United Nations Decade for the Eradication of Poverty (2018-2027), having completed a first and a second decade. In its recent reports tracking poverty rates, the UN has  used earnings of below US$1.90 per day as the basis of measuring poverty. Those living on less than US$1.90 per day are considered as living below the poverty line. Numerous measures have been discussed and debated over decades to lift people above the poverty line, and prior to the covid-19 pandemic, great successes have been achieved in reducing poverty.          Continue reading

CANADA: Toronto’s vacant home tax has arrived and here’s what you need to know 

Do NOT Fear Putin’s Demise : Victory for Ukraine – Democracy for Russia

Garry Kasparov and Mikhail Khodorkovsky | Foreign Affairs

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin

The regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin is living on borrowed time. The tide of history is turning, and everything from Ukraine’s advances on the battlefield to the West’s enduring unity and resolve in the face of Putin’s aggression points to 2023 being a decisive year. If the West holds firm, Putin’s regime will likely collapse in the near future.

Yet some of Ukraine’s key partners continue to resist supplying Kyiv with the weapons it needs to deliver the knockout punch. The administration of U.S. President Joe Biden in particular seems afraid of the chaos that could accompany a decisive Kremlin defeat. It has declined to send the tanks, long-range missile systems, and drones that would allow Ukrainian forces to take the fight to their attackers, reclaim their territory, and end the war. The end of Putin’s tyrannical rule will indeed radically change Russia and the rest of the world — but not in the way the White House thinks. Rather than destabilizing Russia and its neighbors, a Ukrainian victory would eliminate a powerful revanchist force and boost the cause of democracy worldwide.        Continue reading

GUYANA: Short Stories: Red Brick Gravel Rash – By Geoff Burrowes

By Geoff Burrowes

       Breakfast (which we didn’t have a name for) was the same as always – a bowl of plantain porridge topped by a swirl of fresh cow’s milk and washed down by a cup of cocoa, sweetened with brown sugar. Since we didn’t know any different we contentedly ate our porridge and drank our cocoa and pulled on our nearly white yachtins before going under the house  to play.

       At least I went under the house. Mary my younger sister trotted upstairs to play with her dolls! What a waste of perfectly good play time! I headed straight for my new bike. It was actually second hand, a gift from my parents for my 4th birthday. It was bright shining red. The frame was actually a little small for me but I could get up to speed on it really quickly and whip it around corners and thoroughly control it with minimum effort. I must admit that I sometimes showed off on my little red bike.        Continue reading

GUYANA: Guyanese Love Poems – Valentine’s Day 2023 – Moray House Trust

GLP 2023 Call.png

Every year we celebrate St. Valentine’s Day with a light-hearted recital of Guyanese poems written to/for a significant other, a relative or to Guyana. Novice poets and readers are welcome. Please email by Thursday 2nd February 2023 if you would like to take part. Please indicate the poem you have selected and, if possible, include a copy of it. Poems are pre-recorded before the recital.

The recital itself is scheduled for Tuesday 14th February.
Moray House Trust

CHINA-AFRICA: The Myth of the Chinese Debt Trap in Africa – video

 CHINA-AFRICA: The Myth of the Chinese Debt Trap in Africa – video

Over the past two decades, China has built large infrastructure projects in almost every country in Africa, making Western powers uncomfortable amid wider concerns about Beijing’s investments across the continent. However, a deeper look shows that accusations of so-called debt trap diplomacy turn out to be unfounded.

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GUYANA: EDUCATION: GTU’s McDonald paints grim picture of school system

…cites hungry children in classrooms, underpaid teachers, violence among students

Coretta McDonald, GTU General Secretary

By Zena Henry – Jan 27, 2023 – Kaieteur News – Opposition Member of Parliament (MP) and General Secretary of the Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU) Coretta McDonald called for better treatment of the country’s teachers as she withheld support for the 2023 budget when the debates continued on Thursday.

McDonald told the National Assembly that budget 2023 perpetuates underpaid teachers and hungry children in classrooms, adding that the education system is plagued by violence in schools and the burning of the learning institutions. “Education in crisis,” the MP and union leader said. She told parliamentarians that every day schoolchildren are being found with various weapons when their bags are searched, children are sitting in classrooms hungry and don’t know where their next meal is coming from while in and out of schools, students are fighting teachers, parents are fighting teachers and students against teachers.        Continue reading

USA: New York Politics: Why George Santos Won’t Resign – By LUKE SAVAGE | JACOBIN


By: LUKE SAVAGE | JACOBIN   – More on George Santos

In a world where norms and codes of conduct mattered, George Santos’s would be an open and shut case. But as long as he remains useful to the narrow Republican House majority, the chronically dishonest congressman likely isn’t going anywhere.

Last November, a thirty-four-year-old Republican from Queens who currently identifies himself as George Santos was elected to represent New York’s third congressional district. Beyond these somewhat rudimentary facts, however, the objective reality of “George Santos” has become increasingly difficult to discern. Indeed, the millennial human being — who has also gone by the monikers Anthony Santos, George Devolder, Anthony Zabrovsky, and George Anthony Santos-Devolder — appears to have premised his entire public-facing identity on a series of falsehoods and fabrications so brazen and audacious that they make even a seasoned bullshit artist like Donald Trump look like Jim Carrey in Liar, Liar.        Continue reading

GUYANA: Aubrey Williams (in his own words) -virtual event – 31 Jan 2023

Aubrey Williams Flyer.png

You are warmly invited to join us for our first virtual event in 2023:
Activity:   Illustrated reading
Title:        Aubrey Williams (in his own words)
Date:       Tuesday 31st January 2023
Time:      11.00 am Guyana / 3.00 pm UK
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