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Guyana – Christmas—- Through the eyes of a holidaying Guyanese – By GHK Lall

For three decades I returned to Guyana at least once annually.  Almost always it was in the month of December, and for three weeks, and once or twice a few days longer.  It was a time of great excitements, keen observations, and usually time well spent.  The latter was despite the usual hiccups that accompanied air travel to Guyana in the 80s and 90s, and even extending early into this millennium.

The interest started to intensify from the end of September, I felt that the year, however it was, had turned the corner, and the straightaway was clear to Georgetown.  Yes, there were difficulties with baggage, and having to make reservations from as early as February (almost as soon as one returned to the US) for the end of the year.  It was that tight in terms of seats, and airlines plying the NY-GT route.  But it didn’t matter; I was going home, to my real home.            Continue reading

GUYANA: IT’S CHRISTMAS! — by Ralph Ramkarran – Convesation Tree Blog

Guyanese would probably think of better things to do than read the newspapers today. For those who choose to read this article, please accept my best wishes for a Happy Christmas. For other readers of Stabroek News, and all Guyanese, I wish you also Happy Christmas. Stabroek News has generously published the articles that I began to write for my blog, Conversation Tree (www.conversationtree.gy), and still do.

I had begun writing for the Mirror several years before, taking over Mrs. Janet Jagan’s page 3 after she passed. But I was later relegated to the second to last page, amidst the sports news, after Mr. Donald Ramotar, campaigning for the PPP’s nomination, like me, took over page 3. Of course, I was not notified and thought that the Mirror had stopped publishing me. It was only upon inquiry I was notified of my ‘demotion”          Continue reading

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