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GUYANA: Masquerade Gaff- A Conversation with William ‘Billy’ Pilgrim and I – By Ian E. Harris + video

  Dec 25, 2022 Kaieteur News – By Ian E. Harris

“Christmas comes but once a year
And everyone must have his share
But poor Brother Willy in the jail
Drinking sour ginger beer!

It happened one cold, overcast, December Friday some years ago in the then Invaders Steel Orchestra Pan Yard which was located on Charlotte Street.

William ‘Billy’ Pilgrim, now deceased, was at that time, the band’s Arranger and he was very good at what he did. Most people referred to him as a Musical Maestro as he was one of Guyana’s and the Region’s Cultural Icons. In fact, he was a Musical Composer and a Former Director of Music. He told us all when he first came into the pan yard as Arranger, to simply call him Billy. Ever since that day, that is how we always referred to him.          Continue reading

CUISINE: Tastes Like Home —- Fried Rice: A choice of five

By December 18, 2022

Ginger Fried Rice (Photo by Cynthia Nelson)

Ginger Fried Rice (Photo by Cynthia Nelson)

The year was 2006. My eldest cousin’s wife had cooked quite a spread for her family’s Christmas meal. There were many things in which to take delight and partake, but there was no rice dish on the table. Whaaat? One of her sons came over to my late Mom’s house where the rest of us were gathered. Upon entry, he seemed tense and somewhat put off as he mumbled Christmas greetings.

With his parents and 2 brothers not far behind, he launched into his complaint, directed to my Mom. “Granny! Can you believe this?! Mommy mek a whole set of food, all kinds of fancy things, and she ain’t cook no kind of rice!” There was a brief moment of silence before we all burst out laughing aloud, but Antonio was not amused. You don’t mess with a person and their rice! He headed to the kitchen, and above our laughter, he continued, “I know you would have rice cooked Granny.” He set about making himself a plate.            Continue reading

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