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GUYANA: Inside STABROEK Market – Georgetown Guyana – Video

Videoing inside Stabroek Market and Outside Stabroek Market

Ian on Sunday – The unrelenting hustle of life – By Ian McDonald

Our lives of such infinite value come and go in a whirl of busyness.  We hasten and hustle and there is never enough time and always too much information.  The hours trip over themselves as they pass into eternity.  You will never have them back so regret every one not spent as you would really wish them to be spent.

HISTORY: Patrick Dargan – Guyana’s original non-White politician

By Nigel Westmaas – December 11, 2022 – Stabroek News  Patrick Dargan

Patrick Dargan is accredited as Guyana’s first ‘formal’ non-white politician to occupy one of the highest rungs of government under the British colonial order, namely the Combined Court.

Described as “the most dominant and fearless politician in his era” and celebrated as “Tribune of the People” and “national hero,” Dargan epitomised the era and the struggle to break the barriers of institutional racism amid a colonial order defined by the aristocracy of sugar. Described variously as a ‘Creole of mixed blood’, ‘mixed’ or black lawyer,

Dargan became prominent, according to Walter Rodney (1981), after the political gains of the 1891 constitution, which gave “public spirited colonists their opportunity”  and  opened the possibilities for future black and brown (and mixed race) political aspirants.     

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