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TRAVEL: The 23 Richest Cities in Africa – Video

African cities have potentials that make them keep the great names they have today. There are many such potentials and characteristics ranging from natural to man-made and why not human resources. All of these jointly make up the wealth of these cities. There are uncountable cities spread across the 54 countries of the African continent, and each of these cities has something which is unique and special. We shall be throwing light on some 23 wealthiest African cities in 20 22 according to the Africa Wealth Report.

The wealth report of African cities given by The New World Wealth in December 20-21 considers the private wealth of individuals. The report also defines the total wealth of cities excluding government funding. The total wealth of African cities combined together, yields worth more than a trillion dollars.

VENEZUELA: How Rum and Cocuy Came Back to Life During the Crisis

Thanks to the denominations of origin that protect their ancestral quality and technical standards, these two drinks endure Venezuela’s economic downfall and illicit competition

Kaoru Yonekura | Caracas Chronicles

As real as the liquor market crisis is, two Venezuelan liquors manage to avoid that same crisis: Pecaya cocuy and rum. And all while complying with the rules and regulations by which the Servicio Autónomo de Propiedad Intelectual (SAPI) gave them the Denomination of Origin (DO); cocuy pecayero got it in 2001 and rum in 2003.

With this top-tier distinction on intellectual property, producers stick to the traditional and standard techniques when manufacturing these liquors, as well as the environmental care in their production areas. This way, the original product seal indicates that the Pecaya cocuy and rum are unique, one-of-a-kind, high quality, culturally valued, and especially, Venezuelan products.              Continue reading

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