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GUYANA: The Guyana Police Force : Remuneration and corruption

Guyana Police Force Badge

By EDITORIAL: Stabroek News – December 6, 2022

Last week’s public disclosure of the emoluments of policemen and women evoked some level of public ‘hum.’ Comments focused mostly on what was felt to be the paltriness of the remuneration.  Some of the discussants wondered aloud as to whether the salaries afforded those cops on the lower rungs of the ladder, particularly, do not, in fact, contextualize embedded allegations of corrupt practices in the Force.

The argument that salary levels ought not to be posited as justification (or explanation) for the perpetration of practices that bring the Force into disrepute will always hold a generous measure of weight. One of the responses to that argument has been that functionaries who fall into the categories of Public Servants (and the Police are, in effect, Public Servants) have all, traditionally, found themselves in the same circumstance as far as emoluments are concerned but that not everyone had yielded to the temptation to subsidize their incomes through the pursuit of unwholesome options.      Continue reading

GUYANA: Chief Elections Officer seeks correction of voters’ registers for LGE

 LGE = Local Government Election

– warns against fallout if APNU+AFC boycotts polls

Kaieteur News – Dec 06, 2022 News – Chief Elections Officer, Vishnu Persaud has written Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission, Claudette Singh urging that the electoral body gives consideration to the delaying of holding Local Government Elections to facilitate corrections to the registers of voters.

Persaud’s letter comes days after the APNU+AFC Coalition approached the court seeking several declarations and four orders intended to nullify the preliminary list of electors and give rise to a new register of voters, before Local Government Elections (LGE) are held. Persaud in his letter to the GECOM chair warned that as a major election stakeholder, the Coalition’s concerns should not be ignored and as such, he set out several proposals to cure the defects on the lists.    Continue reading

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