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Happy New Year 2023

GUYANA ECONOMY: Not one Guyanese should be without, not with so much – By GHK Lall

GHK Lall

Dec 30, 2022 Features / Columnists, News, The GHK Lall Column

Kaieteur News – Happy holidays to all Guyanese, no exceptions.  Happy holidays also to those who have made Guyana their home, some temporarily due to commerce, others because of the necessity of circumstances.  Having been there and lived with my own circumstances for an eternity, I know what it is like to be away from the land of one’s birth.

Every Guyanese should have plenty, enough to enjoy a hearty holiday season; enough leftover to share a little good cheer.  This is the size of the endowment that has been given, the inheritance that is ours.  The wish and prayer are that what is in mind is accurate.  All have something, none is without.  In a land as filled to overflowing as it is with riches, we are the ones that should be sharing joy to the world because we have such joy in our times, and also resonating in our hearts.  Look at our numbers and how they gleam. Listen to how we feature in the conversations of countless others.  When we were always on the move to elsewhere, others are tumbling over themselves to get here.      Continue reading

 SPORTS: FOOTBALL: Pelé: Why black Brazilians like me mourn the King

 By Malu Cursino –   BBC News – Sports

Brazil and the world are grieving, and many of us mourn an idol we never saw on the pitch.

Being 23 years old, I was not around during the start, middle, or even the end of his glowing football career. But that does not matter. Pelé was and always will be a household name.

Growing up in Rio de Janeiro, a city of exuberance and vibrancy, football played a crucial role in our life.

Maracanã, where Pelé scored his thousandth goal, was emblematic of my day-to-day routine until I moved to the UK, aged 11.

We were always nearby. The buzz and frenzy during match days could be felt across the city. Traffic would be slower, restaurants busier, and the streets much louder.

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GUYANA: Opinion: Oil money and poverty – Stabroek News Editorial

EDITORIAL By December 30, 2022

COMEDY: Will Desmond Sell Up And Move To Guyana? | Desmond’s

Desmond announces over dinner the plans for the house when he and Shirley move back to Guyana. However, Shirley wants to stay in England. When Desmond doesn’t discuss it with her, she stops speaking to him.


VENEZULA: Is Venezuela Rebounding? – Analysis

The Venezuelan economy appears to be improving after hitting bottom, but the political situation remains mired in authoritarianism

PHOTO: Guyana: Hampers being distributed by the Region Two RDC/CDC to the Venezuelan refugees (SN file photo)

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Buxton-Friendship Express Newsletter – October – December 2022

Buxton-Friendship Express Newsletter – October – December 2022

Season’s greeting to you and your loved ones! We hope that your holiday celebration is filled with lots to eat, drink and be merry.

As we reflect on the outgoing year, we realise that we were able to achieve an incredible lot despite ongoing fundraising constraints caused by the Pandemic. Thanks to our amazing team of volunteers, donors, sponsors, patrons and friends who stepped up their support!              Continue reading

BARBADOS: PM Mia Amor Mottley’s 2022 Christmas Day Message – video

BARBADOS: PMMia Amor Mottley’s 2022 Christmas Day Message – video

UK: King Charles’s speech left Tories squirming: he preached the values they’ve abandoned

King Charles lll

King Charles lll

Lauding public sector and voluntary workers, he evoked the compassionate conservatism the government has expunged from its ranks and rhetoric.

Do people still rise out of their Christmas Day torpor to listen to the monarch’s message to the nation at 3pm? It used to be the one immutable point of the day: the only time in the year when the Queen – and it was always the Queen in living memory – spoke directly to the nation in her own words, unscripted by ministers. Yet its familiarity and – let’s face it – frequent vacuousness make it feel less relevant or significant to many these days.

Although in her later years the Queen often used the broadcast to speak movingly of her own faith, she steered, you might say religiously, clear of politics. But was there a slight tremor of difference this year in the new king’s lauding of public sector staff and voluntary workers – those who help at food banks and deliver aid to disaster zones across the world?    Continue reading

Guyana – Christmas—- Through the eyes of a holidaying Guyanese – By GHK Lall

For three decades I returned to Guyana at least once annually.  Almost always it was in the month of December, and for three weeks, and once or twice a few days longer.  It was a time of great excitements, keen observations, and usually time well spent.  The latter was despite the usual hiccups that accompanied air travel to Guyana in the 80s and 90s, and even extending early into this millennium.

The interest started to intensify from the end of September, I felt that the year, however it was, had turned the corner, and the straightaway was clear to Georgetown.  Yes, there were difficulties with baggage, and having to make reservations from as early as February (almost as soon as one returned to the US) for the end of the year.  It was that tight in terms of seats, and airlines plying the NY-GT route.  But it didn’t matter; I was going home, to my real home.            Continue reading

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