GUYANA pushes for architectural transformation with upcoming International Building Expo — July 22-24, 2022



Guyana is expecting more than 150 international and local companies to participate in the International Building Expo, set to take place July 22-24 at the National Stadium, Providence, East Bank Demerara.

The expo will create an opportunity for local, regional, and international investors to showcase innovative building and construction techniques, government said.

The country is experiencing a construction boom fueled by the offshore oil and gas operations which is creating higher demand for accommodation for tourists, investors, and industry expatriates. The government said it expects the construction sector to be propelled into a more innovative direction with this Expo.       

Over 150 international and local companies are expected to participate in Guyana’s International Building Expo, set to take place July 22-24, 2022.

The country’s housing ministers, Collin Croal and Susan Rodrigues, met with sponsors and members of the public on Friday to update them on the progress of the event, at the stadium.

According to the ministry, government is pleased with the support from corporate Guyana, as most of the booths have been reserved.

Croal said several model homes will be on display as a way of showcasing the many housing options available to Guyanese. This comes amid a massive housing drive, called “Dream Realised”, being undertaken by the government for citizens. Thousands of high-value house lots and homes are being provided to citizens at relatively affordable prices. In promotion of this, the government plans to have a house lot allocation and title distribution event daily, at the Expo.

3D building technology will be introduced in the country at the Expo. Its organisers also expect the construction of environmentally sustainable homes built with recycled material and other model homes for display. Construction has already begun on some of these structures.

Rodrigues said the Expo will serve as a blueprint for Guyana’s architectural future.

DuraVilla CEO expects spinoff benefits for Guyana, Barbados economies from prefab homes deal

The exterior of the model DuraVilla house during Agrofest in Barbados last month

The partnership between Guyanese manufacturer DuraVilla and Barbados’ National Housing Corporation (NHC) is set to have spinoff effects for businesses here as well as on the island, the company’s Chief Executive Officer Rafeek Khan says.

The local company, which specialises in pre-fabricated homes and hardwood products, recently secured the opportunity from the Barbadian government to provide 1,000 prefabricated homes as the island aims to provide housing solutions to low income families.

The company will be constructing 600 square-ft two-bedroom houses, outfitted with photovoltaic energy generating panels. They would be valued at 100,000 Barbados dollars. ($50,000US dollars).

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