EUROPE: Can Europeans live without Russian gas? | Inside Story – Video

EUROPE: Can Europeans live without Russian gas? | Inside Story – Video by Al Jazeera

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The crisis between Russia and Europe, sparked by the war in Ukraine – has taken yet another turn. This time Moscow has delivered on its promise to halt gas supplies to Bulgaria and Poland for not paying in Roubles, Russia’s currency. Though the action had been feared by some in the European Union, many had already predicted it. Member states are now working to find alternative long-term supplies. But what are these alternatives?                

Guests: Andreas Goldthau – Professor at the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy., Chris Weafer – Chief Executive Officer at the consultancy- Macro-Advisory., Ole Hvalbye – Commodities Analyst at SEB Financial Services Group.

Al Jazeera is funded in whole or in part by the Qatari government. -Wikipedia

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  • WIC  On 05/03/2022 at 2:47 pm

    Of course, they can. Access to Russian gas by Europe is relatively new. One country, Germany? was in the process of shutting down 3 nuclear power plants this year, but have since put that on hold. All that’s required is discipline and the Europeans are very disciplined people.

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