ASSOCIATION: CIMBUX 31st Anniversary Souse Party – Latham. MD- July 2. 2022


Greetings Everyone:

CIMBUX.INC welcomes you to a fresh start. The past 3 years were a stress test for all of us as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Some of us have lost close relatives and friends.             

Conditions are presently trending in a positive direction in spite of the fact that COVID-19 and its variants are still very much present.

The ‘CIMBUX Souse Party’ is our first fundraiser since 2018 and we will adhere to the CDC safety guidelines.

Family, friends and supporters welcome back and let us return to meeting friends and family and support this worthy cause to help the children of Buxton and its neighboring communities.

Spread the word about this fun event for everyone.

Check out the attachment.

Horace Azore/President.

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