The late Zbignew Brzezinski’s greatest fear, others too, was the control of Eurasia by non-Western forces. Meaning any actors other than the Atlanticists, specifically not Russia and certainly not in an alliance with China or other Eurasian actors. And they had ‘just’ cause in reaching this determination. For history has clearly shown that “she who controls Eurasia, controls the world.”

The beckoned formation may even be grander than that most feared by Brzezinski on his geo-political, geo-strategic, chessboard. Brzezinski himself always carried an abiding loathing of all things Russian, as most Poles do. Divide and rule – Slav against Slav in Ukraine, Poland and elsewhere.

Our master narratives are three (3). Firstly, we have determined that White people, and we refer to Whiteness as a political construction, are highly unlikely to surrender “supremacy” or “exceptionalism” or ‘great again’ absent a cataclysmic event, or series of events. For Western forces have never seen the Slavic people as White and have signaled to the Chinese that there shall have no tolerance for the rise and fall of empires as a long cyclical phenomenon. Meaning, the West must rule forever as divined by their god.       

Secondly, that the acili of the Atlanticists has always been that the total destruction of the world is preferable to Chinese or Slavic domination, as constituents of a real multi-polarity, or a world where power is equitably distributed. There is much evidence for this. We would however suggest that the rejection of Gorbachev’s entreaties to Reagan that ALL nuclear weapons be destroyed, banned, ‘disinvented’, absolutely points in that general direction.

Thirdly, there SHALL be no retreating from the actions taken by Russia on February 24, 2022. There has been an irreparable decoupling from the West by Russia. It’s clear to the Chinese that they are next on the West’s hit-list, as well. All the preparations have been painstakingly put into place over decades and now the Eurasian Bloc moves in for the kill as, Joseph Biden, bedeviled by cognitive decline, is hardly able to deal with his own and his son’s malfeasance far less the dire warnings from Vladimir Putin.

The military intervention of the Russian Federation into Ukraine has had multiple affects. The West has widened and deepened its most ‘reliable’ power projection source – economic sanctions. It has declared a heightened propaganda war on Russia. Diplomacy, which has always been war by other means sees NATO leaders/members, as satraps of empire, dutifully on the front lines, prepared to put their own survival on the line in the furtherance of an Anglo-Saxon continued domination of the world.

A calculus which means that 10 percent of the peoples of the world are to forever control the 90 percent. Then there is another war, cultural war, on all Russians, alive or dead, whether they they have links with President Putin or not, whether they own a football club, a yacht, or was a great composer, like Tchaikovsky, long dead.

We call this a ‘woke-ist’, ‘cancel culture’ war within the traditions and thinking of the much deified Winston Churchill who along with Harry Truman, even after Russia (the then USSR) in The Great Patriotic War of 1939 to 1945, had just given twenty seven million (27,000,000) lives to defeat Nazi Germany (Russia itself offering 12,000,000), bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima to send a message to the Soviets, and then sought to invade Leningrad as an expression of their hatred for the Slavic people and to gain control of Russia’s vast resources at the very time when it was at its weakest.

The West never learns from its history, someone once said. The same Nazis they have always supported like Deash, Isis, al Nusra, al Queda more recently, evinces a Churchillian wickedness. Slavs in Ukraine today, divided against themselves, again seeking to do the bidding of a dead Churchill.

The Military War
In the military war and unlike the American/NATO axis whose doctrine of warfare starts and continues with the ‘shock and awe’ of Iraq, Korea, Vietnam, Syria, Afghanistan, Serbia, Yugoslavia, Panama and many others, represents the opposite of Russian military strategy. In the last 100 years alone we’ve had more than ninety (90) Anglo-Saxon led war. What the wall-to-wall propaganda in the West continues to not even minimally inform their ‘sheeple’ about are the stark differences in military doctrines.

Russian military strategy has long been guided by the thinking of Carl Von Clausewitz. Clausewitz saw war “as the continuation of politics by other means”. And for him, in war ‘political objectives are sought when diplomacy fails.’ Clausewitz sophisticated strategy, unlike Western militarism, would prefer the surrender of the belligerent forces as opposed to their destruction and goes to great lengths to achieve this. It cares not about the capture of territory and cities, as necessarily preconditions for victory. And continues the application of diplomacy even as the military campaign rages.

An understanding of Clausewitz best explains the conduct of the Russians thus far. The cities have not been obliterated except for parts of Mariupol, Vonlnoyakna, Kharkov and few other places as minimally as possible, only in cases where the Nazis and other Ukrainian forces forwent surrender, or removal to the west of Kiev. Electricity, the internet, water and other services remain largely functioning. None of these were possible under any American/NATO war. Russians have all kinds of familial connections to Ukrainians and as such are determined on a just war even though troop loses could be higher viz a viz American/NATO military campaigns 30 days in. A comparison could be made once reliable war dead are revealed.

Russian’s main military objectives have been listed. To achieve them they have successfully surrounded, on all sides, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian troops in what they call cauldrons. To the west of The Donbass, 60,000 or more elite Ukrainian fighters have been surrounded by Russian and separatists fighter of the Lugansk and Donetsk newly minted republics, as recognized by Russia alone, so far. Today, it has been announced that coalition forces have reached the centre of Mariupol which was stoutly defended by a collection of Aidar, Azov, Right Sector and other Nazi battalions operating within the military of Ukraine, and as Western proxies.

We estimate that Russia will achieve its overall objections by the end of April, Scott Ritter agrees, barring, and maybe in spite of externalities, the flooding of the battlefield with a mountains of weapons aimed at fueling an enduring conflict in Ukraine, on Russia’s borders, like in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, the pending false flag attacks, or even worse, the intervention of third parties which will represent an enormous escalation. An escalation which Russia will never countenance. These tactics by America/NATO are those of weaklings. We deem America/NATO as weaker than a spider’s web.

The Russian discovery of up to thirty (30) bio-weapons laboratories in Ukraine is only a part of a wider network of three hundred and sixty-five (365) around the globe, all illegal as funded by the Pentagon through Hunter Biden.

The Economic War

Sanctions and secondary sanctions don’t work, have never worked! However, an army of professional sanctions busters are beating a path to the Kremlin but they are unlikely to find much work as the web of sanctions are boomeranging and effecting the Western economies in unprecedented ways, this will deepen. Amongst these are the proscribing of many Russian banks and the reserves of the Russian Central Bank held abroad. Such attacks on sovereign central banking institutions have never happened before to a G20 country.

For example, official monthly inflation in Atlanticist countries currently range between 7 and 10 percent, monthly. However, when measured using 1980s metrics it’s really between 16 and 20 percent. Not all due to sanctions of course, merely exacerbated by them as the pivotal nature of Russia and Ukraine as suppliers of wheat, both of them, and in the case of Russia, unique competencies in the supply of oil, gas, and a wide range of minerals irreplaceable from other sources in either the short, medium or long term.

Those who have their eyes set on the coming new world order represented by a Eurasian super-bloc are refusing to take dictation from Biden. We speak of China, India, Iran, Venezuela, the countries of Afrika, even countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE see the writing on the wall. China has very close relations with Russia. Indeed, it is fair to say that they are more than strategic allies, according to them – de-facto not yet de-jury. This is easily seen in the recent, some time in February 2022, Joint Russia-China Statement Articulating Opposition to Western Alliance.

In that statement a large part of the Eurasian architecture is on full display, not the military component though. It’s littered with organizations, some of which, few people in the West know anything about. These include but are not limited to The Belt & Road Initiative, APEC, ASEAN, Russia-India-China Format, BRICS, G20 and the Greater Eurasia Partnership. On the other hand the statement spurned the Western military alliances NATO and AUKUS with specifically projected at China for war.

In addition, we can boldly state that within a few days the Russians and the Chinese will announce, in full bloom, a holistic Eurasian financial/economic architecture to replace SWIFT, The World Bank, a new international reserve currency backed by minerals, a competitor to the IMF. They have long declared economic war via sanctions on a third of the nations of the earth. Russia February 24th well planned and timely intervention into Ukraine has heralded the demise of the West and the possible peaceful rise of the East. As the West played checkers the East played Go or in Chinese -Weiqi.

To shorten this section permit us to list a wide range of problems American/NATO sanctions are going to cause within Western financial systems as the Putin-Xi pair of martial artist absorbs American/NATO punches and as expert Judokas, in the case of Putin at least, ready themselves to deliver 10 times the force back at the West. But first, an example of the hurt coming our way.

President Putin’s announcement, a simple determination by The State Duma or the Federal Assembly, that Russian oil and gas sold to ‘unfriendly countries’ must now be paid for in rubles has set the cat amongst the Western pigeons. American/NATO responses beg the question, why would Russia continue receiving payments in Euros or USD when Western countries will simple freeze them in their banks. Are the Atlanticists silly? Or are they so self-centered that even agency is to be denied the perceived non-Europeans. If this riles them so, we need to wait and see what the coming announcement of the new Eurasian financial architecture, as if a nuclear bomb, does to them.

The problems the Western financial systems are likely to face within the short and medium terms and as a result of their own sanctions plus the Jujutsu of Putin and Xi will relate to off-the-book European market transactions for which there were Russian counter-parties; losing control over close-out arrangements; general risks associated with counter-parties for completed deals; too large systemic risksand liquidity strains.

We should expect too large and un-repayable debts within the system, debts so large that they can never be re-paid; risks associated with a possible Russian 150 billion dollar default triggering a Lehman’s Brothers 2.0 scenario; the trigger of insolvency contagion; risks as the East tries to minimize damage to itself while replacing the USD as reserve currency; an accelerated move away from the USD; an increased lack of confidence in a system which sanctions a central bank; the increased printing of money as a driver of double digit inflation; the slaughter of over-leveraged financial institutions. Add the spectre of 3 billion people within a system already built and being readied for roll out, then there will be more pain for the West. We’ve already seen UnionPay, of China, seamlessly and in association with Russia’s Mir card replaced Master Card and Visa, overnight.

The Propaganda War

We must concede that in the propaganda war of words Russia will never be able to compete. With tens of thousands of channels telling the same lies 24/7 not even the Creator Herself could compete with that. With over 150 public relations firms and tens of thousand of lobbyists sitting in Western capitals making sure elected officials adhere to the commands of the militarists, funders, we must await a nuclear weapons in Iraq moment. And that may yet take a decade or more. One half-point to the most evil entities known to man.

The Cultural Wars Against Russians

What can be said about how the Anglo-Saxons systematically create whole cadres of ignorant people ready to see President Putin as some villain, a man worthy of death. They are yet to know that Putin waited and watched for eight years as14,000 Russians in Ukraine were being slaughtered by Nazis, after a coup sponsored by the USA and NATO which violently removed a duly elected government and replaced it with a regime totally controlled Neo-Nazis.

Of which the comic Zelensky, a Jew, is currently its titular head. Even having been shown by the Pandora’s Papers to have amassed over a billion dollars from a benefactor who is the richest man in Ukraine. Zelensky as collateral damage, for all these releases really are intelligence projects trying to expose people they presume have some connection to Putin because the lie of currency is that he’s the richest man in the world.

But the ignorant peoples of the West who presume that it’s fair game to harass, harry, hate, harangue Russians, whether they are the owner of Chelsea FC; Russian restaurant owners in the West; performers of classical Russian ballet, like Swan Lake; or long dead classical composers like Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky, for there are so many; or Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin, the first human to venture into outer space. Once you are Russian it is now assumed, in a West, where ‘cancel culture’ and ‘woke-ism’ reign supreme that unless you renounce President Putin you are guilty of his perceived crime. This writer sides with Vladimir Putin and Russia unreservedly while trusting that he might find it possible to stop playing around with minions in Ukraine and strive to cut off the head of the snake.


A clean break has been made from the West by The Russian Federation, and there shall be no way back. Long and hidden hatreds of Slavs have re-emerged in the most visceral manner.

In the military war the Russians have already destroys thousands of elite Ukrainian troops, encircled west of the Donbass, within the most substantial of its network of strategically located military ‘cauldrons’. Even as the propagandists in the West continue to wax poetically about Kiev, as if that was the centre of gravity, it never was. The Russians never gave Kiev any priority, as yet. Why should they, when Ukrainian best soldiers were, before the intervention, amassed along the Donbass region (Clausewitz), poised to genocide the people of Lugansk and Donetsk. Propaganda fails every time, once confronted with reality.

As the Europeans now see the pictures of thousands of dead Ukrainian soldiers emerging we sense an awakening is surfacing about the orders of magnitude, the gravamen, the real meanings of the misguidance, which a cabal of Neo-cons in Washington has led them to.

Those Neo-cons which include people like Victoria Nulands, Anthony Blinken and Jake Sullivan never needed their anti-Putin dissertations to enmesh a senile Joseph Biden into a world of trouble at home and abroad. Are these people so ignorant that no lessons could be learnt from Russia-gate? And they are doubling down. For these wars are existential for the paper-tiger of an empire as globalization, especially its financialized structures, comes screeching to a halt thus threatening the world with another recession and maybe even an extended depression. But these monsters care not, once there is a slim chance Russia can be destroyed, balkanized and plundered. A project the Anglo-Saxons have long dreamed of.

Certainly, it was Obama who is on record as saying that ‘one should not underestimate the extent to which Jo Biden could mess thing up’, and he has. The Democrats will be slaughtered in the midterms and maybe, just maybe, we could be looking at another ‘Trumpesque’ presidency but with brains to do more wickedness. His speech in Poland over the weekend could only give comfort to fools. Talking about regime change when The Russian Federation is currently winning the war by a country mile.

Indeed, it must be the absolute highest moral failing for Biden and the Neo-cons who wrote his Poland speak to allow this slaughter to continue in circumstances, when he has all the satellite and other communications intelligence which are showing that this war will descend into a bloodbath for Ukrainian soldiers when a diplomatic settlement on Russia’s terms is available.

The longer the military war, and this is the real war, goes on Russia may well increase its demands, this is standard in warfare, and instead of asking that the Donbass be recognized as independent states, that NATO membership will never be possible, the ‘denazification’ of and demilitarization of Ukraine, all these are currently being achieved in all theatres that matter, it may complete its total conquest, as it already has, what’s currently left of Ukraine, totally landlocked and entirely cut off from the Black Sea, as Russia has constructed a land bridge from its border in the north-east to the east to the south to the south east to the west, joining up with Crimea, all Russian territory.

Lastly, it may be well nigh for astute readers of global events to come to see that that river of blood which runs through everything given us by the West as evil and should therefore be utterly and totally rejected. Those structures carrying the mark of blood must include, but not limited to – Christianity, capitalism, Neo-capitalism, chattel slavery, colonialism, Neo-colonialism, globalization, exceptionalism, White supremacy and democracy. Unfortunately it has taken Vladimir Putin thirty (30) years to find out that the Slavic people with never be considered Europeans, will never be including in the artificiality of Whiteness. That once a Slav, always a slave, in their minds.


————— Added by Guyanese Online

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  • Clyde Duncan  On 04/01/2022 at 3:13 am

    I suspect “Barbados Underground” should have waited a few more days ….

    President Putin’s announcement, a simple determination by The State Duma or the Federal Assembly, that Russian oil and gas sold to ‘unfriendly countries’ must now be paid for in rubles has set the cat amongst the Western pigeons.

    Germany says Putin agreed to keep payments for gas in Euros …..

    Now, Putin wants to unilaterally rewrite the contract

    – dat’s no longer a meeting of the minds?!?!!

    • Brother Man  On 04/01/2022 at 1:56 pm

      So Putin wants to be paid in roubles? That’s not even funny to a comedian.

      Last time I checked, 1 rouble is equivalent to 0.0012 USD. The madman is spinning out of control as he becomes more isolated.

      • Maureen Wickham uk  On 04/01/2022 at 2:01 pm

        Yeah he told Europe they have to open up Russia n account and pay in rubbles. Honestly so sick of these fools. The joiker has stopped asking for amunition but I suspect old Doris has been handing out drones like sweeties he hasn’t admitted it because he would get pelted with eggs. . people can only afford one meal aday and sleep with their coats on because all food and utilities have doubled.

      • guyaneseonline  On 04/01/2022 at 5:15 pm


        The rouble has almost returned to its pre-war levels after Putin asked for payment in the Russian currency.

        Roubles for US dollar: Rouble Best exchange rate of March 31, 2022: 81.7508, Worst Rouble exchange rate of March 7, 2022: 142.6404 . In January it was between 75-80 roubles for $1.00US.

        Russia fears that funds would be seized if paid in euros. Arrangement made for interbank transfers from euros to roubles thus shielding the funds from seizure. This arrangement has caused the recovery of the rouble to almost pre-war levels.

      • Brother Man  On 04/01/2022 at 11:35 pm

        The average worker in Russia makes 7,500 roubles a month or $88.24 USD.

        A Big Mac costs $4.50. Relatively speaking, that is a luxury for most Russians.

        Then you have the Russian oligarchs, including Putin, with billions of USD in the bank.


      • Morning star  On 04/02/2022 at 3:28 am

        Putin’s army can’t resupply high tech weapons as they were manufactured in Ukraine.

        The factories that these parts were manufactured in have now been bombed.!!!! Obviously by Raasputin and his russian gang

  • brandli62  On 04/06/2022 at 8:41 am

    “Unfortunately it has taken Vladimir Putin thirty (30) years to find out that the Slavic people with never be considered Europeans, will never be including in the artificiality of Whiteness. That once a Slav, always a slave, in their minds.”

    Pachamama’s article is a load of rubbish, probably written by a Russian troll. The author for example fails to notice that Ukrainians and Russians are both Slavs. In a wider sense, the article is an insult to all those innocent Ukrainian civilians that were tortured, raped and massacred by retreating Russian troops in the suburbs of Kyiv and those being killed by relentless bombing of civilian homes in Mariupol, Charkiw, and other Ukrainian towns.

    Shame on Pachamama!

    • Brother Man  On 04/06/2022 at 2:58 pm

      In as much as I disagree with the premise of the article, the author doesn’t fail to recognize (notice) that Ukrainians and Russians are Slavic.

      In fact the theme of the article is about the Slavic peoples versus the West. You just need to work on your English comprehension.

      The following excerpt refers to the Slavic people of Russia.

      “… Nagasaki and Hiroshima to send a message to the Soviets, and then sought to invade Leningrad as an expression of their hatred for the Slavic people and to gain control of Russia’s vast resources at the very time when it was at its weakest.”

  • Peggy  On 04/08/2022 at 9:10 am

    I always welcome a different perspective. It is so hard for people to discern truth. My strategy is to read points of view on both sides of the aisle. Thanks for the article.

    • brandli62  On 04/08/2022 at 10:06 am

      While that’s a good strategy, it also has its limits. Here an extreme example, people in Germany were defending Hitler, since he built free ways (“Autobahn”). Did this make him a good leader? No. It only partially explains his popularity in Germany but his policies were utterly disgusting. If alternative views lead to relativism and excuses for atrocities they need to be called out. That’s the point I was making earlier about this article.

      BREAKING NEWS of April 8, 2022: Scores of women and children were killed this morning after a Russian rocket attack on the Kramatorsk train station. And Guyana voted to abstain last night in the vote aiming to suspend Russia from the UN Human Rights Council. Shameful.

      • Emanuel  On 04/09/2022 at 1:53 am


        You say it’s shameful Guyana abstained from the UN vote to expel Russia from the Human Rights Council.

        Well, Guyana was not alone in abstaining. 58 countries abstained including Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Mexico, St Kitts and Nevis, India, Pakistan, to list a few. 24 countries opposed, including China, North Korean, Iran, and Syria- no surprise.

        93 countries voted to expel, including the US, Canada, England, Australia, Austria, Poland, France, Italy, no surprise.


      • brandli62  On 04/09/2022 at 9:42 am

        Stabroek News: “President Irfaan Ali yesterday defended Guyana’s abstention vote on the United Nations resolution to suspend Russia from the Human Rights Council for gross excesses in Ukraine, saying the country awaits findings of the United Nations investigations.”

        President Ali’s justification makes no sense. The vote was to suspend Russia membership on the UN Human Rights council. Russia would be expelled, once the UN investigation confirms that Russia carries the responsibilities for the killing of civilians in Bucha. Either President Ali did not understand the purpose of the resolution or he does not want to offend his Russian friends in the Kremlin. You should what fits better. Irrespectively, it was a bad idea for Guyana to abstain. Period!

      • Emanuel  On 04/09/2022 at 12:04 pm

        Russia views abstentions as an unfriendly vote. They keep a record on how countries voted.

        Every country has a sovereign right to decide for itself how they will vote on such matters. They all have a reason or reasons for casting their vote.

        For example, Tanzania wants to remain neutral and not seen as supporting or opposing the invasion.

        The removal of a country from the Council requires 2/3 of the nations present and abstentions don’t count.

        In my view, Guyana should have voted to expel. But Ali has close ties to Russia. He even went to school there.

        Ali doesn’t represent the values of most Guyanese. In the grand scheme of things, Guyana’s vote doesn’t carry any weight.


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