Buxton-Friendship Express Newsletter for January – March 2022

Here’s the Buxton-Friendship Express Newsletter for January – March 2022. In this issue, the Lead Story is:

PUSH TO AID & SUPPORT YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS. Below is a glimpse of the first paragraph:

A collaborative effort between Atlanta-based educator & youth development advocate, Slater Jeffrey, and Buxton/Foulis NDC Vice-Chairman, Oswald Williams, may soon see the injection of millions of dollars into the village’s economy. This will come in the form of cash grants of up to GY$500,000 each to dozens of entrepreneurs who have applied for the stimulus from the Small Business Bureau, an agency within the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce. Of the forty-seven applications duly completed and submitted to the bureau, ten of them have reportedly been fully approved for disbursement of funds so far….

Click on the following link to access the newsletter to read more:        


Despite the challenges spawned by the Pandemic, we’re doing everything to continue our support work in the village. But now, more than ever, our community needs us. And we need you.

As a non-profit organization, we’re forced to rely on villagers and friends like you to assist us. Would you kindly consider making a donation to help?

To contribute, please find information for sending cheques on the back page of the newsletter. You can also donate by credit/debit card or cash transfer to our PayPal account:


Any amount would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for being a part of our world!


Lorna Campbell 

Newsletter Editor

General Secretary, Buxton-Friendship Heritage Fund

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