GUYANA SPEAKS: Virtual Events: Sunday March 20, 2022 and Sunday March 27, 2022

This email is to notify you of two events:
. EVENT #1: Tribute event for Dr J. S. Risien Russell
A Windrush Foundation Event – Sunday, 20th March at 2pm UK time
The Windrush Foundation invites all members of the Guyana SPEAKS network to Tribute event for Dr J. S. Risien Russell, Sunday, 20 March 2022 at 2pm at 44 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 8SA.  
Dr. Russell, of Guyanese heritage and Leonora born, was Britain’s first neurologist of mixed ethnic heritage. He was professor of medical jurisprudence and subsequently professor of medicine at University College London, serving as president of the neurology section of the Royal Society of Medicine after 1907.  For more information, please see the attachment.  Dignitaries including the Deputy Mayor of Westminster and English Heritage officials have been invited to the event.  Rod and I hope you will join us there.
————————– See EVENT #2 below     
A Guyana SPEAKS zoom event – Sunday, 27th March at 3pm UK / 10am Georgetown / 10am NY, USA / 10am Toronto, Canada 
The next Guyana SPEAKS event plans to take you on a ‘Trip Down Memory Lane’.  Our distinguished guests include Ruthy Richards-Levi-Babalola, author of the book, 47 Palm Street and Carlene BagotCarl Browne and Joan Plummer on their memories of ‘back home’.
Anyone who would prefer to receive the zoom link directly should please make the request via

Screen Shot 2022-03-19 at 14.32.53.png

Many thanks as always for your support.
All the best,
Juanita Cox & Rod Westmaas
Co-Founders, Guyana SPEAKS
GS on Twitter @JCWestmaas
For a selection of Guyana SPEAKS recordings go to:

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