CANADA: Canadian Constitutional Crisis | Brian Peckford | The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

CANADA: Canadian Constitutional Crisis | Brian Peckford | The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

We posted this discussion start to finish in uncut form to maintain full and complete transparency, given its import. It was recorded on January 25th, 2022 and released the next day.

Brian Peckford and I discussed his reentry to the political arena after denouncing the Canadian Government for infringements on the Canadian Charter of Rights–a document he played a key role in drafting. In this intense conversation, Peckford outlines a combined plan of action against the Canadian Government over their COVID-19 response and ongoing use of power.           

Starting his career as an educator, the Honorable Brian Peckford then served as the premier of Newfoundland and Labrador for nearly a decade. He is also an author, former minister, and notable member of the PC Party. More from the Honorable Brian Peckford: Blog:… Book:… __

Timestamps: _ [00:00] Political context for the interview [07:32] Jordan introduces his esteemed guest the Honorable Brian Peckford, former prime minister of Newfoundland and Labrador [10:47] Peterson and Peckford’s discussions over the last week [13:07] Rights infringed by Government despite Charter of Rights [18:10] Four tests before revoking Canadian rights [20:39] Appropriate use of emergency measures [22:21] Why YouTube and not (more traditional) media outlets? Following the money [25:23] Peckford’s (intentionally) assertive denouncement; establishing precedents [30:20] Can Canadian courts be relied upon for fair and impartial hearings? [33:49] Canadian mobility rights [36:14] Subversion of the parliamentary process during the pandemic [43:05] Changes in transmission/vaccination rates & societal effects after 1st lockdown [44:25] Accountability & Government inertia in the face of faulty measures [51:23] Ramifications of a federal win [54:40] The second (competing) Charter of Rights [01:01:09] Jordans’ summary of the accusations up to this point. Degradation of civic involvement. Why civic education matters. [01:09:02] Recap [01:11:16] Peckford’s appeal to Canadian citizens [01:15:08] Closing conversation #CharterOfRights #COVID19 #CanadianRights #Vaccines #Lockdown

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