MEDICAL: COVID: Listen to Nurse Nicole Sirotek RN — talking to Senator Ron Johnson – Video

***Listen to Nurse Nicole Sirotek RN … talking to Senator Ron Johnson ***

Pinned by Jessica Jones – January 24, 2022 – Some comments below.

Chaepn Hurst – THIS IS AMAZING!!!! SHE IS WELL SPOKEN, CALM, EDUCATED, AND A BRAVE WOMAN !!! I am sharing this far and wide! Praying for her safety!

K 1870 – My profound respect to this nurse. she is eloquent. she explain clearly the malfunctions of hospitals doctors in a time of crisis.

– Amber Day – You’re never “just a nurse.” And thank you for getting these facts out. I’m a nurse too – on a Covid unit. I’ve been questioning remdesivir because I haven’t seen it actually help anyone. In fact, I’ve seen several people develop AKI as a result of it. Luckily, I live in an area where most people refuse it. I hope this video gets out and people start seeing the truth!!

-Truther Talk From the Ashes – She hit the nail right on the head, ‘Not a hospital, but a concentration camp”

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  • Jasmine  On 01/30/2022 at 8:54 am

    A sad state of affairs and unless someone like this young lady speak up, it will continue. Mainstream media is not telling the real stories that’s happening in the hospitals with the doctors and the protocols that their health care system has put into place. It’s going to kill many more people!!! But maybe that’s the intention.

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