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GUYANA: Georgetown: Safe space between Parade and Camp Streets

─ two months for art gallery, food court section

A two-week timeline has been given for the completion of phase one of the safe space to be created along the Lamaha Corridor, where the old railway station was situated.

This was disclosed by Project Engineer at the Ministry of Public Works, Kevin Samad.

An artist impression of phase one of the project

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GUYANA: City cleanup, Dartmouth, COVID-19 – The GHK Lall Column

  — The GHK Lall Column

GHK Lall

Jan 23, 2022 – Kaieteur News The city cleanup campaign makes for good leadership theatre. It is encouraging to observe the President manifesting that he is a man of the people, and not afraid of getting his hands dirty. If I was the leader, I would not be too preoccupied with physical dirtiness accumulating under fingernails; that should be the least of his considerations, as it is easily washable and removable.

I would recommend to Guyana’s head of state that as he is so exercised by the dirty, unhealthy state of the capital city, it would be good to observe him be powerfully concerned by the dirtiness occurring under his watch. The dirtiness embedded in the whole array of governance endeavours in his administration.  Continue reading

WORLD: Why Indonesia is Moving Their Capital City – Video

WORLD: Why Indonesia is Moving Their Capital City – Video

RealLifeLore Video – January 22, 2022 – Some comments + link to video

Aldy Habibie – Since i’m from West borneo myself. I can assure you that Borneo is like a wet dream for tropical city designer because most tropical islands are small and dangerous due to volcanic activities and earthquake, Borneo never had any of that (i live here for 20 years and never in my life have i experienced an earthquake). However, enviromental problem caused by palm oil industry can already be seen across the island. So here’s hoping that moving a huge administration center like The state capital would see more regulations actually being enforced more effectively.
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