USA: A Tribute in memory of Colin Moore – By Lear Matthews

Colin Moore

A Tribute in memory of Colin Moore  – By Lear Matthews

As we mourn the loss of Colin Moore, bringing a message of condolence and comfort to his family, I would like to share a few thoughts about my friend, colleague and mentor. He has been a champion for human rights, a voice of the downtrodden and devoted son of the soil.

What he has done as a political activist, legal scholar, historian, community organizer, father, husband and citizen of the world has left an indelible mark which will continue to influence many lives. His political advocacy spanned the globe, but particularly Guyana, Jamaica and the US. He participated in early efforts to establish a National Arts Council Center in Guyana to promote cultural and ethnic unity, and national solidarity.       

I cherish Colin’s friendship and encouragement in my own work as an average writer/researcher and human service practitioner, with an interest in immigration and diaspora engagement. Colin would encourage me, giving insightful critical analyses and interpretation of my articles which he referred to as “important and timely work”.

Once during his public remarks introducing a book I wrote, Colin told the audience that I reminded him of Walter Rodney. “What?” I thought. Not only was I humbled, but confused and embarrassed. A colleague who was sitting in the audience next to me whispered “That’s over the top”. I quickly nodded in agreement. As expected, Colin masterfully analyzed and critiqued the book, outlining its contribution to the literature on immigration.

Then he went on to explain that the merits of the comparison to Rodney centered on the style of connecting scholarship/academia to community service and activism. That’s Colin – he inspired others. Although still stunned by his remarks, I breathed a sigh of relief, felt honored, but remained unconvinced about the comparison. My consolation was that the opinion was coming from a man who “know e onions”, i.e.he knows what he is talking about. With a modest smile, I proudly conceded in silence.

A few years ago, Colin and his wife Ela visited their home country, Guyana. Shortly after they arrived, there was an unusually strong earthquake tremor for which there was no conclusive seismic explanation. Rumor has it that what really occurred is that Guyana trembled when Colin landed — An appropriate metaphor that symbolizes the impact he has had on his community and beyond.

Colin and Ela have been ardent supporters of Diaspora fundraising events. I am certain that the memories of Ela’s steadfast dedication as she aided him or together gracing the dance floor and“gyaffing”with the diverse groups at numerous community events will be refreshing. Of course he had his critics, but let us salute him, born in the cradle of our dear land. We lost a hero, but the positive effect of his outstanding work lives on. This court now rests its case! No more evidence needed and no appeal necessary! May his soul Rest In Peace.

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By Nelson A. King — Caribbean Life News

L to R: Dr. Terrence Blackman, Colin Moore, Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, Dr. Lear Matthews

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