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MUSIC: Caribbean Oldies (Guyanese) Mix Vol 2 – compiled by DJ ZirROC MuZiK

MUSIC: Caribbean Oldies (Guyanese) Mix Vol 2 – compiled by DJ ZirROC MuZiK

Memories for the older folk – “The Good Old Days!”  

GUYANA: Touring the awesome Highlands of Guyana – By Francis Quamina Farrier

— By Francis Quamina Farrier
There is still quite a number of Guyanese who glibly say; “Guyana is below sea level”; and they are so wrong, since that is just one-third of a three-part statement of fact.
The correct and full statement to be made is; “The coastland of Guyana is below sea level, at high tide.” And one has to wonder why just one-third of that statement is so often said by so many Guyanese; and even by some who are well educated, and even hold positions of influence and authority.

A portion of the Kanuku Mountain Range which separates the North and South Rupununi Savannahs in Region 9, Guyana, is thousands of feet above sea level.

SHORT STORIES: Christmas in GT with ‘Anna B’ – By: JeanAnn Field-Ridley

– By: JeanAnn Field-Ridley  –  As We End The Season; A Look Back

Anna B was my mom. She it was who made Christmas ‘happen’. Of course, Dad was chief financier, bringing in his teachers’ pay after he had let it warm his pocket for a few days – reluctant to part with it knowing that he would be left with an empty pocket for the rest of the month. We were, in fact, poor. But we children never knew it. Because Anna B never missed a beat. At Christmas, the toys were there. The pepperpot was there. The ginger beer and mauby were there. So were the biscuits and sweets! But most of all, what Anna B gave to us was Anticipation!

Anticipation has a magic all its own – not to be distilled by reality. And our reality never disappointed even though objectively it should have! After all, we never did get that beautiful walking, talking doll we saw in the store windows when we went window shopping at night. We never got that beautifully equipped doll’s house! O the magic of that house! Did such things really exist? After all, we never did see one outside of the glass case.            Continue reading

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