Guyana: Poems from Kyk-over-al – Third Recital – Moray House ZOOM Meeting – 27 November 2021


You are warmly invited to attend the third recital of poems from Kyk-over-al.
Title:           Kyk Poems 1990s: Whistles and Dream-banks 
Readers:    Al Creighton, Stanley Greaves, Nicholas Laughlin, Jennifer Branche, Eliana Sampson and others.

Date:          Saturday 27th November 2021

Times:       5.00 PM Guyana  –  4.00 PM New York
                   9.00 PM London

ZOOM:     Moray House Trust is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic:       Kyk Poems: Whistles and Dream-banks
Time:       Nov 27, 2021 05:00 PM Guyana
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Meeting ID: 828 8641 9351
Passcode: 089754
Ian McDonald served as editor of Kyk in its final decade with able assistance from others, particularly Vanda Radzik. In Issue 41 (1991), in a piece entitled How Poetry is Achieved (summarising work by Seamus Heaney), Ian listed three steps in the poetic craft: i) the original act of making, ii) the ability to stir a response or an echo in the reader and iii) a higher form of communion that taps into the collective psyche. The first step was akin to learning to whistle (in imitation of a bird), the second to eliciting a response from the birds, and the third (and most elusive) step is reached when the poet is entirely attuned to the ‘workings of the active universe‘ and the poem becomes the conduit of  ‘the image-cellar, the dream-bank, the word-hoard, the truth-cave.’
Poems that span the spectrum are in evidence in this recital. The poets touch on topics ranging from blackout to refugees, and themes from alcoholism to companionship and the cycle of life. The selection has been curated by Jacqueline de Weever, poet, niece of AJ Seymour and contributor to Kyk.
Moray House Trust
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