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Music Video: Classic Calypso Soca Mix – compiled by Oasis Sounds

Music Video: Classic Calypso Soca – compiled by Oasis Sounds

Playlist 00:00:00 – 1.Merchant – Rock It 00:01:24 – 2.Plain Clothes – Ah Feeling To 00:02:36 – 3.Scrunter – Sing in the Party 00:03:55 – 4.Byron Lee & The Dragonaires – Give Me Soca 00:05:31 – 5.Byron Lee & The Dragonaries – Tiney Winey 00:07:10 – 6.Black Stalin – Ah Feel To Party (Black Man) 00:09:00 – 7.Baron – Doh Rock It So 00:10:40 – 8.Arrow – Groove Master 00:12:32 – 9.Brother Marvin – Jahaji Bhai 00:14:00 – 10.De Might Trini – Curry Tabanca 00:15:36

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Guyana is continuing on the same corruption trajectory – Letter by Geoffrey Da Silva

Nov. 21, 2021- Letter by Geoffrey Da Silva

Many governments throughout the world experience an increase in corruption as they enter the second year of their 5-year mandate because, by then, those politicians and officials who are intent on wrongdoing have “learnt the ropes” and have become bold and shameless in carrying out illegal activities. This happened from the second year of the APNU / AFC government..

The Kaieteur News and the Stabroek News published many articles and letters about real or possible corruption between 2015 and 2020 such as: [1] the scam at the government-owned asphalt plant at Garden of Eden where some private contractors got huge discounted prices, and a non-existent company from Trinidad and Tobago was paid $9.8 million; [2] at the Ministry of Public Health, 300 truckloads of expired medicine worth GUY $10 Billion had to be dumped; [3] at the Guyana Revenue Authority, some of the major oil importers abused tax exemption letters with the alleged support of some officials; [4] at the Environmental Protection Agency, a 20-year environmental permit was illegally granted to Exxon and the High Court had to  rule that the law only allowed a 5-year permit; [5] large contracts were granted to local an d foreign construction companies that had track records of not completing Government-awarded projects on time and within costs.        Continue reading
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