Barbados: Sweet Bajan Spouge Medley gifted to Bajans and the Diaspora + music video

Loop News – Barbados – 21 November 2021

The sound of spouge music is back and just in time for the 55th anniversary of Independence and Barbados’ transition to republic status… on November 30, 2021

As the world’s eyes, ears and in some cases, hearts, are inclined towards the Gem of the Caribbean this month, there is a Sweet Spouge Medley filling the air comprising an array of Bajan artistes – vocally and instrumentally.

The Sweet Spouge Music Medley by The Nicholas Brancker Band features Edwin Yearwood, Nikita and Adrian Clarke. Background vocals are provided by Shekara Straker, Nareesa Lynch and Dorhonda Smith The Nicholas Brancker Band includes Nicholas Brancker on bass, Andre Daniel and Darien Bailey on keys, Andre Forde on pan and percussion, Jermone Waithe is guitars, while Jomo Slusher is on trombone, Kevyn Lynch on trumpet, Melvin Alick plays the drums and Romaro Greaves plays the saxes.

The songs in the medley are Spouge Music, Any Day Now, Hello There Baby, Standby Love, and Bet Your Life I Do.              .

Chatting with Loop Entertainment since dropping the new six-minute long video on YouTube on November 15, head of The Nicholas Brancker band, Brancker himself said that getting all the artistes together for this medley was not difficult, even in the face of COVID.

Asked how long it took to put this project together, Brancker said, “The music took about a week to put together and the vocals a couple of days. The video took another three days. So [it took] about two weeks in all, in between other things and everyone’s schedules.”

Smiling, he added, “I have worked with these singers for a long time in different settings and produced a lot of their own music so we have good relationships and we enjoy working together so basically all I had to do was call them.”

In six days, over 1,700 people have viewed the music video on YouTube. Brancker in the description explains that this is a gift to Bajans and Bajans at heart. The description reads: ‘Happy Independence to all Bajans and honorary Bajans! We had a ball putting this together for you. We hope you will enjoy it in the spirit it is given. We are so proud of who we are and we want through this to convey that and hope it makes you feel the same way too. Love all!!!!’

Answering the question of what the Bands hope people take away from the medley and accompanying video, he said, “We hope they will feel happy in a difficult time such as this and also proud to hear some spouge music played hopefully at a high level so they can enjoy listening over and over and over.”

For this project, Adrian Odle was the production manager and sound engineer, who also recorded, mixed and mastered. The medley was recorded at Ocean Park and Chambers Studios, and produced by Nicholas Brancker. The video was recorded and edited by UltraLens.

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