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Guyana: Infrastructure Projects: The Chinese are Coming – Opinion

Short Story: “Mama, meh belly ah hu’t me” – By Geoff Burrowes

By Geoff Burrowes:

Mama, meh belly ah hu’t me

Send fo’ de doctor to fix me.

De doctor ah give me injection

to try an’ clear up my infection!

It’s been many years since this took place and I can’t remember the details clearly but I can remember my impressions very clearly!

For example I can’t remember what the sickness was but I remember that it was severe enough to allow me to skip school, which was good, but it was severe enough for my mother, Nancy Burrowes to call Dr. Sharples, our family doctor and a friend of my mum and dad’s and make an appointment for that afternoon. My dad came home for lunch and after gave me a ride to Dr. Sharples’ surgery which was on the ground  floor of his family house which I think was at the corner of Anira and New Garden Sts. in Queenstown.              Continue reading

Canada was just ranked the second-best country in the world – NBI Poll

BlogTO – Toronto. Canada – 09 November 2021

Canada’s positive perception on the world stage is increasing according to a new poll that ranks the top “nation brands,” or the public image of a country.

The 2021 Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index (NBI) collected over 60,000 interviews online in 20 panel countries, ranking the top 60 countries by how they’re viewed abroad.

The NBI has been ranking countries’ reputations since 2005, and while Canada has always been a top-ten contender, we’ve been gaining ground in recent years.        Continue reading

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