Guyana: Kyk: Poems 1945-1961 ‘Moulding a Guianese consciousness’ – Saturday16th October 2021

VIRTUAL: ZOOM and FACEBOOK –  5.00 PM Guyana/NY, 10.00 PM UK

Title:        Kyk: Poems 1945-1961 ‘Moulding a Guianese consciousness’
Readers: Konyo Addo, Russel Lancaster,  Peter Jailall, Al Creighton and many others.
Date:       Saturday16th October 2021
Time:      5.00 PM Guyana/NY, 10.00 PM UK

Please do join us on Zoom if you can..
   Moray House Trust is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: KYK: Poems 1945-1961 Moulding a Guianese Consciousness
Time: Oct 16, 2021 05:00 PM Guyana
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Moray House Trust

Some months ago, Joan Seymour and Jacqueline de Weever graciously agreed to curate a selection of poems from Kyk-over-al for a series of recitals. (Kyk was a literary magazine published between 1945 and 2000). 
It has been a fascinating journey. We invite you to join us on Saturday for the first recital of poems (from 1945-1961). 
Readers include Konyo Addo, Russel Lancaster,  Peter Jailall and Al Creighton.

To look back through the early volumes of Kyk-over-al is to glimpse this nation’s psyche in utero. 
Early poems show a tendency, as one poet puts it, to seek ‘specious self-expression / in syntheses of european echoes’. Gradually however, as though viewed through a mist, more distinctive and authentic voices, imagery, ideas, rhythms and turns of phrase emerge.

Kyk (and the other regional literary magazines of that era) were foundation stones in the building of their host nations. As Ian Mc Donald pointed out in a tribute to AJ Seymour, Kyk (and its editor) played a seminal role in the design and construction of post-colonial structures of thought, art and writing in Guyana and the Caribbean.

Moray House Trust
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